Intel fires up upgraded mobile Core 2 Duos

Santa Clara (CA) – Intel today launched four new Core 2 Duo processors as part of the much anticipated “Santa Rosa” platform, which not only enhances the Centrino platform core components, but offers completely new features such as optional flash cache as well as wireless broadband capability.

Microsoft releases patches for 19 critical vulnerabilities

Microsoft is patching 19 critical vulnerabilities as part of its regular “Patch Tuesday” round of fixes.

Sun releases JavaFX as scripting language for consumer electronics

Java is making its way deeper into the consumer electronics space as Sun pitches a new scripting language as application platform for devices ranging from mobile phones to Blu-ray players as well as web browsers.

PNY releases factory-overclocked GeForce 8800 GTX

PNY Technologies has released a new Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card that is factory overclocked by approximately 10%.

Update: Transcend debuts 32 GB solid state drive

Memory manufacturer Transcend announced its new 32 GB solid state disk (SSD).

Prison changes locks after keys sold on eBay

The Anamosa State Penitentiary in Iowa has just spent $6000 changing its locks after some prison keys were sold on eBay.

Roxio intros iPod, iPhone, Apple TV video software

Roxio today debuted Crunch, a Mac-specific software program designed for video conversion to the myriad video players from Apple.

Universal to bring movie clips to cell phones

Mobile entertainment company I-play announced this week that it has signed on Universal Pictures to bring streaming video clips of dozens of feature films.

Intel phasing out entry-level Netburst processors

Intel has sent a notification to system vendors that it has begun removing the Celeron D 331 and 336 models from its product portfolio.

Samsung launches Q1 Ultra UMPC in the U.S.

Following the introduction of the device in Europe back in March, Samsung today launched its second generation UMPC on these shores.

AOL truncates passwords?

An eagle-eyed reader of Washington Post’s Security Fix blog says AOL passwords appear to be cut off at eight characters.

HP announces Blu-Ray/HD-DVD player/writer plans

Hewlett-Packard will be adding multi-format Blu-Ray/HD-DVD readers and writers to future computers.

Microsoft rolls out new Windows Live Hotmail

Microsoft has upgraded its 9-year-old free Hotmail email service by adding a larger mailbox and extra connectivity.

Albatron and Nvidia jointly introduce three new motherboards

New Apple LED-based notebooks to adopt panels and BLUs from Taiwan, say sources

Transportation Security Administration loses hard drive

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), often regarded as the cornerstone of the United States' homeland security, has lost a hard drive containing information of over 100,000 people.

Motorola patents self-powered displays

Motorola has received a patent for LCD that can display images as well as create energy.

AMD: Manufacturing alone not critical to product success

Investors and shareholders questioned the competitiveness of AMD’s current semiconductor manufacturing technology as well as the firm’s information policy about upcoming products during a shareholder meeting yesterday.

Micron introduces 78 nm-made DDR2-1066

Acer unveils new Gemstone consumer notebooks