Intel changes stepping, thermal specifications of entry-level Core 2 Duo

Santa Clara (CA) – The Core 2 Duo E4400 processor is the latest Core 2 Duo processor to transition to a new stepping and new thermal specifications that provide more room for overclockers and enable system builders to scale back case cooling solutions.

Preparing for the iPhone: Motorola introduces Razr2 phone

New York (NY) – Apple’s iPhone may not be on the market yet, but it already shows its impact, as several established cellphone companies are stepping up their game: Motorola today introduced a stylish new Razr generation that only comes with new features, but comes in a stylish new package made of aluminum, magnesium and plastic.  

Bill Gates: 40 million Vista copies sold

Los Angeles (CA) - Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates gave his last keynote at the WinHEC conference earlier this morning and outlined the success of the Windows Vista operating system.  He told the audience of programmers and hardware engineers that Vista sales were “beyond our expectations” and outlined some key features of the upcoming Windows Home Server and the renamed Longhorn Windows Server 2008.  

Update: Windows Longhorn officially named Server 2008

Los Angeles (CA) - At this week's WinHEC conference, Microsoft gave the official title of Windows Server 2008 to its next major platform, which was previously codenamed Longhorn.   New products on the WinHEC 2007 showfloor (32 images) ...  

Update MacBook 2007: Apple skips Santa Rosa, sorta

Cupertino (CA) – Apple this morning announced an update for its MacBook computers. The company’s mainstream notebook computers are now available with more memory, more hard drive space and faster processors. However, the MacBook will have to rely on the “old” FSB667 Core 2 Duos until Penryn arrives.

Gigabyte to ship mini-DTX motherboard in July

Los Angeles (CA) – Gigabyte today said that it will be offering a motherboard that follows AMD’s recently proposed mini DTX specifications in July of this year. Gigabyte is the first company to announce a product based on AMD’s mini-DTX specification outlined in February of this year. The new motherboard is currently on display at the WinHEC 2007 conference in Los Angeles and is promised to be shipping in July.  

D-Link announces dual-band draft 11n media bridge

D-Link today introduced a wireless Ethernet bridge using dual-band draft 11n technology at Microsoft's WinHEC event.

RFID to stop DVD thieves

NXP Semiconductors and Kestrel Wireless want to embed RFID chips into DVDs to prevent shoplifters.

Skype-branded merchandise hits Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, is putting Skype products in 1800 stores.

Extreme Earthing: Logitech’s Space Navigator

Chicago (IL) – There is no better toy for Google Earth addicts than Logitech’s Space Navigator. The 3D controller acts as an add-on to your desktop and enables users to  jump into a rollercoaster virtual sightseeing ride – motion sickness included. It’s about as close to reality as it gets. Here’s a first look at the device.  

Intel validates DDR3 memory from Elpida, Micron, Samsung

Chicago (IL) – As the release of Intel’s 3-series chipsets and FSB1333 Core 2 Duo processors approaches, more system memory suppliers have been validated buy Intel to provide memory for its platform code-named “Bearlake”.

Nokia raises forecast, predicts higher market share

Mobile handset maker Nokia is predicting a rise in market share thanks for growing demand in emerging markets.

Intel moves flagship quad-core processor to new stepping

Intel is transitioning its Core 2 Extreme QX6800 processor from the B-3 to the G-0 stepping.

TG Daily interview: AMD imagines 16 graphics cores for CPUs

TG Daily caught up with Rick Bergman, senior vice president, PC business unit, for AMD’s ATI Technologies. He shared his thoughts about ATI under the new corporate umbrella of AMD and shed more light on the six-month delay of ATI’s latest-and-greatest graphics processor, the Radeon HD 2000 processor series.

Skype now in Wal-Mart stores

Skype today announced that Wal-Mart is now offering Skype Certified hardware as well as the first pre-paid cards for Skype available in the U.S. in 1800 of its U.S. stores.

AMD officially announces ATI HD 2000 graphics line

AMD has announced their new HD 2000 series of cards.  Boasting up to 320 stream processing units and the industry’s first 512-bit memory bus, the cards hope to dislodge Nvidia from graphics supremacy.

LG.Philips LCD claims first flexible color A4-size e-paper

AMD DTX platform may gain upper hand in SFF market

Phenom: AMD unveils quad-core brand for desktop PC

AMD confirmed the brand name for its next generation dual- and quad-core desktop processors: Non disclosure agreements, which prevented us from mentioning the brand of the CPUs until today have expired and we can begin using the real name: Phenom. Extra: Image Gallery

iPod could interfere with pacemakers – study

A new study authored by a 17-year-old high school student claims that Apple’s iPod music player could interfere with pacemakers.