Intel adds more mobile processors to its embedded product line

Freescale unveils multi-core processor for telematics, consumer and industrial applications

Optimus LED keyboard enters pre-order phase

Chicago (IL) – Russian design studio Art Lebedev opened its online store for pre-orders of the Optimus Maximus LED keyboard. The first shipment of 200 keyboards was sold within one day, despite the keyboard’s hefty price tag of $1564.37.   The Optimus maximus keyboard in pictures ...  

Microsoft offers free Vista eval for virtual machines

Microsoft is now offering a 30-day evaluation version of Vista for virtual machines.

IBM releases 4.7 GHz Power6 processor

London (UK) – IBM today announced what it claims to be the “fastest microprocessor ever built.”

Intel’s new P35/G33 chipsets sport 1333 MHz FSB

Intel has announced two new motherboard chips that sport a faster 1333 MHz front-side bus.

LG.Philips LCD shows next-generation display technologies at SID 2007

Intel phases out 130 nm Itanium 2, Xeon 7000 series

Intel sent out a notification that it has started a discontinuance program Madison 9M Itanium processors as well as Xeon 7000-series MP processors.

University ‘Spin-Doctors’ measure and control electrons

Dover (DE) - Researchers from the University of Delaware and Cambridge NanoTech claim they can measure and transport the spin of electrons in silicon.  Using a small silicon chip, the scientists are able to send electrons down a small wire and then measure and change the direction of spin.  The discovery could be a boon to the nascent quantum computer industry because silicon is the most popular element used in computers.

iPhone - How expensive is too expensive?

With a newly minted FCC certification under its belt, the iPhone is beginning its path to retail, but its barrier-setting price could prevent it from meeting Apple's 1% market share goal.

IPC makers not expected to showcase Bearlake at Computex

Server CPU market gears up for 65nm production

Samsung SDI to volume produce AM OLED panels in H2 07

AMD announces details of next-gen mobile processor “Griffin”

Sunnyvale (CA) – AMD claims that it has been gaining market shares with its Turion mobile processor over the past two years, but the CPU is far from being a threat to Intel’s Core 2 Duo. In 2008, the company will introduce the “Griffin” dual-core mobile processor as part of the “Puma” platform, which promises to deliver power and performance enhancements and introduce AMD’s version of on-board flash cache.  

Microsoft looks over "next-gen PCs"

Recently, Microsoft held a contest to see who could come up with the best new age PC design.  Extra: Image Gallery

FCC approves Apple’s iPhone

Apple’s iPhone has cleared a major hurdle on its way to a commercial release. Extra: Image Gallery

AMD Barcelona launch delayed?

Cisco router snafu disconnects Japan from the Net

Thousands of Cisco routers belonging to Nippon Telephone and Telegraph East failed on Tuesday and knocked out millions of Japanese broadband Internet customers.

Adobe closes FreeHand in favor of Illustrator

Effective immediately, Adobe has shut down its vector drawing app FreeHand, encouraging users to move to its other akin software program Illustrator.

No more 32-bit operating systems – Microsoft

At the annual WinHEC hardware engineering conference, Microsoft General Manager Bill Laing proclaimed that Windows Server 2008 will be the company’s last 32-bit operating system.  He added that it was “the right thing for the industry”.