Palm announces Foleo smartphone companion

Jeff Hawkins today announced a new product which he believes completes the vision of the company he founded: A sub-notebook-sized companion device that extends smartphones with a larger keyboard and a larger screen. Extra: Image Gallery

Microsoft adds New York to Live Search Maps

The Big Apple is getting the 3D treatment in Microsoft’s updated Live Search Map service. Extra: Image Gallery

Million Zunes? – Not Yet…

Yesterday’s media reports of a million Zune’s sold are proving to be a bit premature.

Microsoft Surface: What Media Center should have been - analyst opinion

When I was briefed on Surface (previously code-named Milan) a few days ago, I was incredibly impressed. Having gotten used to disappointments like Origami, Zune, and even the Media Center PC where Microsoft didn’t actually finish the offering, this product was a breath of fresh air, largely because it was complete.

Microsoft unveils “Surface” computer

Carlsbad (CA) – Microsoft today unveiled what the company calls surface computer, a new product that allows users to interact with content and information without a traditional mouse and keyboard.   Microsoft unveils Surface computer (6 images) ...  

Acer to showcase 6.5-liter desktop PCs at Computex

Intel ready to release WiMax module orders, say sources

TSMC to unveil Reference Flow 8.0 for 45nm production

Cell phone-snatching teacher cleared of theft charge

A Purdue University instructor has been cleared of theft charges in a criminal lawsuit, but not until after the special prosecutor's phone added a bit of irony to the case.

Samsung packs 4 GB memory chip into cellphones

Seoul (Korea) – There is no such thing as too much memory: Samsung announced that it has begun shipping a 4 GB NAND flash chip package for cellphones – which could eliminate the need for expansion card slots at least for some next-generation mobile phones. The new moviMCP flash is a multi-chip package consisting of two 16 Gb flash chips as well as a 1 Gb (128 MB) mobile DRAM chip to support the processor and a 2 Gb (256 MB) NAND flash chip for general handset operations (such as storing the operating system and core applications).  

Toshiba to use AMD processors in laptops

The fourth largest laptop maker in the world, Toshiba, will be shipping AMD-powered laptops in the summer.

Sony Ericsson preps new Walkman phone W660i

Chicago (IL) – Just in time for the release of the iPhone in June, Sony is preparing the launch of its latest 3G Walkman phone, the W660i.

Palm Pilot inventor to unveil new “mobile device”

Sunnyvale (CA) – Jeff Hawkins, who is credited with the invention of the Palm Pilot handheld computer, will be announcing a new mobile device tomorrow, Palm said today. One day before his 50th birthday, Jeff Hawkins will have another chance to introduce a new mobile product, which is promised by Palm to “describe a new category” for mobile devices. The announcement is scheduled to be made at the D: All Things Digital conference in Carlsbad, California.

Jail Bait? Combine six wireless networks into one private LAN.

Turn your PS3 into a Linux Server

Helios Software today released a free download of a modified Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) distribution, optimized to use Sony's Playstation 3 as a test-drive server.

Asustek to showcase bamboo-like leather notebook at Computex Taipei 2007

Taiwan optical disc maker Prodisc debuts patented LED lamp technology

Blackberry World Series CDMA/GSM phone hits store shelves

Verizon Wireless has begun offering the Blackberry 8830 World Edition Smartphone, which combines CDMA and GSM connectivity under one hood. Extra: Slideshow

LabelFlash on the rise in competition with LightScribe

People less bothered by email spam

According to a new report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, Americans believe email spam is less of a problem.