First system vendors demonstrating AMD’s Barcelona processor

Barcelona is making a first careful, public debut at Computex 2007. The processor has not been announced, but AMD and some of its partners are demonstrating server systems at the tradeshow. Extra: Slideshow

Super Talent shows off big SSDs

At this year’s Computex convention in Taipei, Super Talent showed off some very big 64 GB solid state drives. Extra: Slideshow

Apple adds new Intel processors, more memory to MacBook Pro

Apple has updated its line of MacBook Pro computers to include configurations with the latest Core 2 Duo processors and up to 4 GB of DDR2 SDRAM.

Linkchamp shows 5000 watt power converter

Regular DC to AC power converters normally output 100 to 300 watts, but at this year's Computex convention in Taipei the folks at Linkchamp showed us one that can output 4000 to 5000 watts. Extra: Slideshow

Update: Intel launches Bearlake chipset, announces plans for sub-$200 PC

Taipei (Taiwan) – Intel today launched its long awaited 3-Series chipsets, previously code-named “Bearlake”. While we are still waiting for the FSB1333 processor to go along with these chipsets, Intel Announced plans for a Core 2 Extreme mobile processor as well as a low-cost “mobile” PC.    

Harpertown and Barcelona do battle in Taipei

iPhone to drive capacitive touch screen demand

Asustek returns to sound card market

PNY to ship SSDs with up to 256 GB this year

PNY, known mainly as a system memory vendor, is getting in the SSD game: The company today announced that it is shipping 32 GB flash-based solid state disks now and will be offering versions with up to 128 GB in Q3 and 256 GB in late 2007 or early 2008.

Sandisk announces 64 GB solid state disk drive

Taipei (Taiwan) – Sandisk today announced a 64 GB version of its previously introduced 1.8” solid state disk (SSD) drive. The drive offers twice the capacity of 32 GB units, which are shipping in volume at this time and are sold through system vendors such as Dell. Scheduled for volume availability by the end of this year, the 64 GB version offers the same specifications as its smaller sister unit, which include a sustained data read rate of 67 MB/s and 7000 IOPS (inputs/outputs per second ) for a 512 byte transfer.

Mozilla releases final update for Firefox 1.5

Slideshow: MSI shows external graphics, passively cooled graphics card at Computex

MSI took the wraps off some of its Computex exhibits today, showcasing an external graphics solution as well as a monstrous graphics card without fan.

Panasonic introduces Santa Rosa-based Toughbook

Secaucus (NJ) – Panasonic today introduced a new generation of its rugged notebook series “Toughbook”. Built around Intel’s Santa Rosa platform, the notebook now features draft-n wireless capability, updated Core 2 Duo processors and optional wireless broadband.

WD ships 750 GB desktop hard drive

Western Digital (WD) is catching up in the PMR race: Following the introduction of a 250 GB 2.5” drive last month, the company has begun offering a 750 GB version of its Caviar SE16 3.5” drive.

Corsair takes DDR3 memory to 2 GHz - update

Corsair announced the first 1600 MHz memory for Intel’s upcoming 3-series chipset platform – and previewed a 2000 MHz version of its Dominator memory.

iPhone is go on June 29

The iPhone has been given a solid release date of June 29, according to a commercial that made its global debut last night.

Toshiba showcases slim HD DVD rewritable drive to mobile PCs

What can you do with cyborg memory chips?

Opinion - In a case of science fiction turned reality, Israeli scientists earlier this week claimed that they have created artificial memory patterns on cultures of neurons.

PQI announces 256 GB solid state drive

PQI has announced a new solid state drive with a capacity that rivals regular laptop hard drives.

General Public License 3.0 final draft now available

The Free Software Foundation has released the final draft of the GNU General Public License 3.0, setting a timetable for the completed version by the end of June.