Intel planning to enter discrete graphics card market in 2008

Intel calls foul on Phenom versus Core 2 comparisons

VIA announces new ultra-mobile device

Micron 2 Gbit DDR3 ready to go, but demand not there

Sony and HP ditch Intel's Turbo Memory

Via debuts tiniest motherboard yet

iPhone pre-sale on Ebay tops $1500

Chicago (IL) – Apple will start selling its iPhone in 23 days through AT&T stores nationwide. If you plan on purchasing a phone on the first day and don’t want to stand in line, you can turn to Ebay and buy the phone there. But expect a hefty premium to be attached.   Apple's iPhone in detail ...  

Photosynth 3D image browser gets first real world app

BBC is the first company to test a commercial use of Microsoft’s Photosynth 3D image browser: Photosynth connects images in a three-dimensional way to enable interactive sightseeing on the PC screen. Extra: Slideshow

FIC introduces 2.2 lbs UMPC with detachable calculator

By now you are probably sick of all the UMPC news, but FIC has put a spin on things by announcing a UMPC with detachable modules – one of which is a calculator.

SilentFlux mixes radiators and CPU coolers

SilentFlux is trying to reinvent CPU coolers by taking a cue from car radiators.

A closer look at Asus’ $199 computer

This year’s Computex is proving to be very exciting with Asus’ introduction of their $200 PC.

Intel: 45nm to account for 50% of shipments by Q3 08

Is ReadyBoost ready?

SiS announces new mini-DTX motherboard for servers

LED-based monitors shine at Computex

Sun introduces first Intel servers

Santa Clara (CA) – No, that is not a misprint in the headline. Sun in fact today announced what seemed impossible until a few months ago – a server with a processor from the company it loved to hate.

Global DSL subscriber count tops 200 million

Hitachi launches 250 GB 2.5” hard drive

Hitachi today announced a 250 GB hard drive for notebooks.

Office Live Meeting 2007 pushed up to June

Microsoft will launch the latest installment in its video conferencing software this month, adding support for virtual 360 degree conference rooms.

Kingston brings out DDR3 memory

Kingston Technology announced today that it has begun shipping HyperX 1375 MHz and ValueRAM 1066 MHz DD3 SDRAM modules, marked as the company's most advanced memory yet.