Update: Qualcomm phone chips banned in US

The United States has barred the importation of certain cell phone chips from Qualcomm, after a trade panel deemed it infringes on patents owned by rival Broadcom.

Intel CEO: Silverthorne most important product since the introduction of the Pentium processor

Chicago (IL) – In an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) Intel chief executive officer Paul Otellini compared the importance of its upcoming mobile processor “Silverthorne” with the company’s original 8088 CPU and the 1994 Pentium processor.

DivX Pro available for free

In an unexpected promotion, DivX today is offering free downloads and serial keys to customers who want DivX Pro, a video codec that normally costs around $20.

Intel mobile devices to get Peppered with Linux support

Pepper Computer announced this week that it will launch Pepper Linux for mobile Internet devices to OEMs later this year.

Ricoh introduces sub-$400 color laser printer

Ricoh today introduced a new desktop color laser printed that will compete in the increasingly popular segment of $400 devices.

Microsoft details six updates for June security bulletin

Next Tuesday's security update from Microsoft will fix six vulnerabilities, including four crticial remote code execution holes.

Computex Wars: AMD vs. Intel vs. VIA - and some unexpected implications

Analyst Opinion - At Computex this week we saw a new round of the battle of CPU manufacturers: Intel came out swinging hard, which further validated AMD’s ATI acquisition strategy. But AMD may have to make more tough decisions, including taking the company private. VIA also had a series of announcements, but I am starting to wonder if they are even relevant anymore.

Symantec puts out Norton AntiBot beta

Symantec has released a free beta version of Norton AntiBot, a behavior-based malware protection software designed to work as a supplement to existing antivirus protection.

Apple sends Boot Camp to 1.3 beta

Apple has updated its Boot Camp software to a beta test of version 1.3, adding new MacBook Pro support, updating graphics drivers, and more to the Mac-powered Windows application.

Qimonda reiterates it will jump directly to GDDR5

ECS showcases its data recovery motherboard

Computex Day 3 Slideshows: SSDs, wood laptops and quad-core SFF PCs

This year’s Computex technology convention in Taipei is proving to be the year of the flash drive with several companies offering SSDs, DDR3 and huge flash sticks.

Panda Antivirus 08 beta opens up for download

Increased phishing protection, new spyware roadblocks, and support for Windows Vista are part of the next generation Panda Antivirus software, which is available now as a free public beta download.

Sprint launches GPS shopping application

Mozilla puts green light on Firefox 3 Alpha 5

The latest pre-release version of Firefox 3.0 has hit the Internet, adding among other things the addition of bookmarks to the much touted "Places" feature.

Netgear prepares second-generation Skype Wi-Fi phone

Chicago (IL) – Netgear has received approval for what appears to be the company’s second-generation Skype Wi-Fi phone. There is very little information available beyond the fact that the new phone will be called the SPH200W and likely will succeed the first generation SPH101. However, the new model is more compact, has a slightly revised keypad layout and comes with a different charging unit that is now integrated in a cradle.  

Shuttle goes back to barebones with ten new products

Seagate claims highest density 3.5” hard drive

Seagate today announced the first desktop hard drive to store 250 GB on a single platter.

5 GHz overclocking attempt at Computex

Abit and overclocking champion Robert Kihlberg are trying to break the 5 GHz speed barrier on an Intel quad-core chip.

Thermalright’s insane “Heat Sink Case”

We’ve all seen CPU heatsinks get bigger and better, but Thermalright has gone all the way with their aptly named “Heat Sink Case”.