Safari: Do we really need another Web browser?

Opinion - The beta release of a Windows version of Apple's Safari browser made a lot of waves this week, but in the bigger picture of a software market already well defined, Safari is really more of a muted splash.

Garmin introduces widescreen navigation devices

Olathe (KS) – Garmin expands its nuvi 200 product line with two widescreen portable navigation devices. Both the nuvi 200w and nuvi 250w come in a slightly revised casing that follows the general widescreen trend. The 4.3” screen offers a resolution of 480x272 pixels. The two models a similar feature set, including a preloaded database with six million points of interest, a built-in picture viewer, calculator, currency converter, unit converter and a world clock.

Update: Apple patches Safari, boasts 1 million downloads

Less than a week after launching its first beta, in response to rampant criticism, Apple has released a security update to fix three vulnerabilities in the Windows version of its Safari browser.

Gigabyte cuts into PSU market

Renesas announces low-cost 45nm and below technology for transistors

Sony: Mylo PMP hitting sales targets

AMD set to launch PCIe 2.0 chipsets this year

Sony Ericsson launches 2 Walkman, 2 camera phones

Mobile music download service launches ahead of Apple iPhone

Researchers speak out about Microsoft Speech flaws

Researchers are blasting Microsoft for a critical flaw that could cause a critical attack on users who rely on speech recognition to control their Windows-based computer.

Sandisk to add Divx video capability to Sansa MP3 player series

iPhone users will have to register for an iTunes account

iPhone buyers will have to register for an iTunes account in order to be able to use the phone.

Bugs are crawling over Windows Safari browser

Researchers intensively scanning the Mac-turned-Windows browser found as many as 18 problems in its first 48 hours.

Is the iPhone the Paris Hilton of phones?

Opinion - If there is one IT company that teaches us lesson after lesson how to market yourself and your products, then it has to be Apple. But it looks like marketing got ahead of reality with the iPhone: There are early signs that Apple is sailing into rocky waters and will have to pay the price, if the hyped hardware will not be able to deliver what the marketing department has promised.If there is one IT company that teaches us lesson after lesson how to market yourself and your products, then it has to be Apple.

Nvidia announces the new GeForce GPU for notebooks

AMD to launch 7 series chipsets in H2 07

Motherboard makers pessimistic about Turbo Memory in desktop

Acer to launch Ferrari edition GPS devices

IBM patents external DRAM box

IBM has been granted a patent to a technology, which could allow users to expand system memory via an external box.

Microsoft June update goes live, fixes four critical flaws

Microsoft has posted its latest security bulletin, offering patches for six vulnerabilities, four of which are labeled critical.