IDC: Mass market appeal of iPhone uncertain

Another market research firm is weighing in on the potential market impact of the iPhone: While stating that the iPhone already is a success, IDC said that the device has shortcomings that may prevent the mass market from adopting it.

AMD: Barcelona still on track for a Q3 announcement

Following rumors that the firm’s quad-core Opteron processor, code-named Barcelona, is facing delays, AMD today said that it has “not changed the guidance” on the CPU’s launch.

AT&T launches cell-to-cell live video

Porsche announces $1600 mobile phone

If the $599 iPhone isn’t expensive enough for you then Porshe’s new mobile phone should do the trick.  Porsche Design Group announced the P’9521 phone in France last week and it will cost you a cool $1600.

Got chest pains? Consult your mobile phone

Mobile phones aren’t just for talking in Singapore.

New web threat takes advantage of iFrame vulnerability

Sling Media announces powerline ethernet adapters

Bittorrent releases SDK for consumer electronics

Microsoft releases new beta of Open XML file converter for Mac

Microsoft dumps Digital Image software

Microsoft's answer to Adobe Photoshop Elements has been axed, mainly because all of the features it offered are integrated into Windows Vista.

Linux Skype gets pushed up to 1.4 Beta

Skype has released a new beta version of its voice-over IP software for Linux users, bringing new features to the open source platform for the first time.

iPhone gets last minute upgrades

Apple today announced that its upcoming multimedia phone will offer longer battery life than originally estimated as well as a glass top surface.

Survey: 19 million mobile phone users badly want an iPhone

Apple better crank up another iPhone factory because a recent survey says that 19 million mobile phone users want the phone.

Microsoft’s IPTV platform gets some upgrades and a new name

Chicago (IL) – Microsoft introduced a new version of its IPTV platform, which is now called “Mediaroom”.

Intel lays out Itanium road to 32 nm

There isn’t much we have heard about Intel’s flagship processor for datacenter processors lately: But Itanium is alive and Intel has just updated its roadmap – ranging from the upcoming Montvale processor, to Tukwila, the first 32 nm design Poulson and its successor Kittson.

I/O Magic announces 250 GB portable hard drive

Quickly moving high capacity from the desktop to the portable market, I/O is bringing a 250 GB model to its "Data To Go" line of small form factor hard drives later this month.

Safari: Do we really need another Web browser?

Opinion - The beta release of a Windows version of Apple's Safari browser made a lot of waves this week, but in the bigger picture of a software market already well defined, Safari is really more of a muted splash.

Garmin introduces widescreen navigation devices

Olathe (KS) – Garmin expands its nuvi 200 product line with two widescreen portable navigation devices. Both the nuvi 200w and nuvi 250w come in a slightly revised casing that follows the general widescreen trend. The 4.3” screen offers a resolution of 480x272 pixels. The two models a similar feature set, including a preloaded database with six million points of interest, a built-in picture viewer, calculator, currency converter, unit converter and a world clock.

Update: Apple patches Safari, boasts 1 million downloads

Less than a week after launching its first beta, in response to rampant criticism, Apple has released a security update to fix three vulnerabilities in the Windows version of its Safari browser.

Gigabyte cuts into PSU market