No Vista Home on Macs, Microsoft says

In-flight mobile phone calls approved for Europe

You soon will be hearing familiar Nokia ringtone’s while flying the friendly European skies.

OCZ announces enthusiast DDR3 memory

Sunnyvale (CA) – OCZ introduced a new enthusiast memory module for use in Intel P35 and upcoming X38 motherboards.  

Blackberry a threat to French national security

French government officials are ditching their Blackberry devices for fears of American eavesdropping.

Intel to speed up introduction of FSB1333 CPUs

Nvidia to launch MCP 78 chipset in October

Low-cost GeForce 8400GS graphics cards announced

Sanyo Electric develops 22% efficiency solar cell

Stolen backup tape has more than 200,000 Ohio taxpayer records

A stolen backup tape probably contains the taxpayer records of more than 200,000 Ohio state residents and employees.

Nvidia unveils Tesla, moves into supercomputing

Nvidia today announced Tesla, a third product line next to the GeForce and Quadro graphics products. The company aims to use Tesla cards and the massive floating point horsepower of its graphics processors to take over a portion of the lucrative supercomputing market.

Computer glitch halts United flights

AT&T offering $10 DSL service

AT&T has begun offering a $10/month DSL Internet service, which, according to a report posted by the Seattle Post Intelligencer (SPI), is part of the concessions made by the company to the Federal Communications Commission in order to get its acquisition of BellSouth approved.

Youtube coming to iPhone, AppleTV

Apple today said that iPhone buyers will be able to access Youtube videos via EDGE or Wi-Fi networks.

iPhone domain name prices go into the stratosphere on eBay

Sellers of iPhone and iPhone-like domain names want big bucks on eBay.

University to spy on online test takers

Troy University is planning on using specialized web cams to prevent test cheating by online students.

MySpace launches instant messaging app

The world’s most popular social networking site MySpace has officially launched a beta instant messaging application.

Seagate introduces power-saving Cheetah NS enterprise drives

Seagate has spun down its 15k-RPM Cheetah drives and transformed them into bigger and cooler Cheetah NS hard drives.

Microsoft to allow third-party desktop search in Vista

Microsoft has agreed to change how Vista does its desktop search in response to a complaint by Google.

Toshiba notebooks with writable HD DVD drives on the way

Toshiba is planning on releasing several mainstream laptops with HD DVD and writable HD DVD drives this fall.

Alienware offers barebones kit