Samsung starts mass producing 64 GB 1.8 inch SSDs

Seoul (South Korea) - Samsung announced today that it has begun mass producing 1.8 inch solid state drives (SSDs) with 64 GB. See solid state drives and more from CES ... Samsung says it's the highest density SSD for mobile computing applications.  SSD drives use technology that helps to improve boot up times and conserve battery life.

Bangkok airport officials say insufficient voltage killed their baggage scanners

Officials at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport are now blaming insufficient voltage for disabling the airport’s baggage scanners.

Wi-fi aggregators lower hotspot prices

Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up everywhere and aggregators are connecting them for your convenience and their profit.  Companies like Boingo Wireless allow subscribers to log into more than 100,000 hotspots for a monthly fee.

Sales of music players fall

A new study done by the NPD Group, a market research firm, shows that sales of digital music players have been falling.

Apple patches Safari beta browser a second time

Intel to launch new entry-level processors in August and October

AMD to introduce 45 nm process AM3 CPU family in 2H08

Creative follows up Zen Stone with souped-up version 2

Biostar announces AM2+ motherboard

AMD Phenom to launch in November

Vista more secure than XP, Mac OS, Linux after first 180 days: report

Chicago (IL) – A report released by security blogger Jeff Jones indicates that Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing efforts are paying off: During the first six month after release, there were less than half the number of vulnerabilities disclosed in its predecessor and substantially less security issues than in other popular operating systems.

German government asked to ditch Blackberrys

Piggybacking on a recent decision in France, a German industry organization wants German government officials to replace Blackberrys with a “more secure” German alternative.

Nortel and Zyxel team up on WiMAX solutions

AT&T hires 2000 workers for iPhone apocalypse

AT&T is expecting a rush for Apple’s iPhone and has hired 2000 temporary workers to staff their phone stores.

Microsoft patents software watermarking technology

Battling software piracy, Microsoft has patented its idea of embedding code into software that would allow a company to identify the original purchaser.

HP announces digital camera with 3.6” touchscreen

Sling Media releases player software for Windows Mobile 6

Dell and Goodwill offer free computer recycling in New Jersey, Philadelphia

Silverlight goes Linux

Update: New start-up shows off ultra definition technology

At this week's InfoComm audio/video trade show at Anaheim, a new company called Mersive debuted a new technology that it's calling "ultra definition".