Intel may stop pushing FB-DIMM for server

AMD M740 chipset coming in Q3 07, M780 chipset in Q1 08

Vendors begin slashing prices for 802.11n devices

Flytech to begin shipments of panel PCs to US

In praise of the iPhone with some rough seas ahead

Analyst Opinion - There are very few products that can capture the interest of people like the iPhone did, one of them was the iPod. Doing this is incredibly risky, as a result, but I believe it is better to try to create amazing products and have a few problems, than it is to just tread water and avoid the issues associated with this excitement.

DVD Jon takes first steps in cracking the iPhone

Microsoft apologizes for slow additions to Windows Vista Ultimate

A rare Microsoft apology was issued this week, in response to complaints that Windows Vista Ultimate wasn't living up to update expectations outlined by the software giant.

Geeks furiously trying to unlock the iPhone

Hardware and software geeks are furiously trying to unlock Apple’s iPhone by crack the phone’s firmware and activation process.

Aircable brings out Bluetooth dongle with 18+ mile range

Bluetooth specialist Wireless Cables Inc (WCI) has announced its latest innovation, a USB Bluetooth dongle with a range extending nearly 19 miles.

iPhone and new iPods to squeeze flash memory market

Firefox 3 moves into Alpha 6

Less than a month after Alpha 5 went into developers' hands, the next version of the Firefox preview build is now available.

Discrepancies plague battery life reports for iPhone

Analysis: How serious are the bugs in Intel's Core 2 Duo?

Last week, Intel released a Core 2 microcode update to BIOS and OS vendors. The fallout from that release has many analysts scratching their head about the possible danger of Core 2 microprocessors. The big questions are a matter of trust: How can consumers trust a microprocessor which does not compute correctly? Let's take a look at all that entails.

Panasonic introduces 4x Blu-ray burner

Panasonic has announced that it is developing a new Blu-ray Disc drive that can write to single and dual-layer discs at a max speed of 18 MB/s.

Big profits for Apple iPhone – iSuppli

Analysts at iSuppli, a market research firm, have ripped apart Apple’s iPhone and discovered that Apple is probably making more than 50 percent on each phone.

Window film absorbs shocks and signals

A newly declassified window film can not only stop glass from shattering, but can also block virtually all electromagnetic signals.

TG Video: iPhone launch – Los Angeles style - UPDATED

Jonathan Mariano entered the room to the cheers of hundreds and the blinding flashes of cameras snapping away, but he isn’t a sports or movie star, he was the first person to buy an iPhone at the Grove mall in Los Angeles.

Fujitsu announces 300 GB 2.5” hard drive

With solid state disks shipping with up to 128 GB and perhaps even 256 GB capacity later this year, hard drive makers are under pressure to increase the storage space for the common hard drive: Fujitsu will begin selling a 300 GB 2.5" hard drive in Q3.

The Gotcha in Draft 11n Wi-Fi Certification

Rumors about AMD Phenom delay surface, AMD confirms Q4 launch

A report published today claims that AMD is pushing back its quad-core desktop processor Phenom until the first quarter of next year. However, AMD told TG Daily that the CPU will be available in H2 of this year, “most likely” in Q4.