10 things I have learned about the iPhone

Opinion – One week ago, Apple released its iPhone. In the past seven days I took the phone through the pace of the average phone user – without taking the device apart and without trying to figure out quickly I could drain the battery. The conclusion of the first week: The phone has serious flaws, but it is good enough to have changed the way I am using my cellphone and notebook.

Panda Labs warns of talking virus

Computer users should be wary of a new virus that deletes important files and then hijacks the sound card to say "Your system files have been deleted. Sorry."

New video features hit Skype 3.5 Beta

A new Beta version of Skype is available, with a strong emphasis on new features that revolve around sending and sharing videos.

Second generation Chocolate phones around the corner

AMD posts Barcelona benchmark numbers

Chicago (IL) – AMD has posted performance “estimates” of its upcoming Barcelona quad-core processor on its website.  

Apple patent goes for a "button-less" mouse

Cupertino (CA) - Apple has filed a patent application for a mouse that, instead of using buttons, has an optical sensing surface. The patent describes the technology as a "mouse having a button-less panning and scrolling switch."  The controls are recognized via a built-in camera that senses light from inside the mouse, and can recognize where the user's fingers are by the displacement of light.

$100 laptop to become a $50 laptop by 2009

Intel may stop pushing FB-DIMM for server

AMD M740 chipset coming in Q3 07, M780 chipset in Q1 08

Vendors begin slashing prices for 802.11n devices

Flytech to begin shipments of panel PCs to US

In praise of the iPhone with some rough seas ahead

Analyst Opinion - There are very few products that can capture the interest of people like the iPhone did, one of them was the iPod. Doing this is incredibly risky, as a result, but I believe it is better to try to create amazing products and have a few problems, than it is to just tread water and avoid the issues associated with this excitement.

DVD Jon takes first steps in cracking the iPhone

Microsoft apologizes for slow additions to Windows Vista Ultimate

A rare Microsoft apology was issued this week, in response to complaints that Windows Vista Ultimate wasn't living up to update expectations outlined by the software giant.

Geeks furiously trying to unlock the iPhone

Hardware and software geeks are furiously trying to unlock Apple’s iPhone by crack the phone’s firmware and activation process.

Aircable brings out Bluetooth dongle with 18+ mile range

Bluetooth specialist Wireless Cables Inc (WCI) has announced its latest innovation, a USB Bluetooth dongle with a range extending nearly 19 miles.

iPhone and new iPods to squeeze flash memory market

Firefox 3 moves into Alpha 6

Less than a month after Alpha 5 went into developers' hands, the next version of the Firefox preview build is now available.

Discrepancies plague battery life reports for iPhone

Analysis: How serious are the bugs in Intel's Core 2 Duo?

Last week, Intel released a Core 2 microcode update to BIOS and OS vendors. The fallout from that release has many analysts scratching their head about the possible danger of Core 2 microprocessors. The big questions are a matter of trust: How can consumers trust a microprocessor which does not compute correctly? Let's take a look at all that entails.