Microsoft robotics software adds support for Win CE, Ageia PhysX

Scammers testing out stolen credit cards with charities

Credit card thieves are increasingly donating to charities with stolen credit card numbers.

New worm takes aim at Harry Potter

Malicious code writers are getting more clever every day, with a new worm marking its individuality by infecting computers with the message "Harry Potter is dead".

SiS 680-series chipsets aim for Q4 07

Acer begins testing water for Gemstone-design consumer notebooks in the US

Transmeta gets a much needed cash infusion from AMD

Transmeta gets some financial breathing room thanks to a $7.5 million investment from AMD, which boosted the company’s stock by more than 30% today.

RIM preps Wi-Fi Blackberry

Research in Motion (RIM) today received approval from FCC for a new device the company calls a “handheld organizer and cellular phone with Wi-Fi” capability. Details about the device with the model number RBG41W were withheld, but sketches published on the FCC website reveal that RIM will introduce the Wi-Fi feature in a new version of the Blackberry 8800 series. RIM declined declined to comment on a possible release date of the phone.

AMD feels “confident” about Barcelona performance estimates

Chicago (IL) – Two Barcelona benchmark charts published on AMD’s website caused quite a stir yesterday: Intel wasn’t happy about outdated performance numbers causing AMD to remove the charts.  

Youtube, SKorea's LG agree to develop mobile phone

Intel begins shipping entry-level P31 and G31 chipsets to motherboard makers

Intel phasing out Dempsey and Paxville MP server processors

Six updates ready for Microsoft security bulletin

Microsoft announced its advanced notification for this month's security update, listing three critical updates and six patches in total.

Nokia and Motorola say fake batteries could explode

Nokia and Motorola are telling Chinese government officials that fake mobile phone batteries could explode.

4-year-old does denial of service against 911

A four-year-old girl is in big trouble after calling 911 hundreds of times on a mobile phone.

10 things I have learned about the iPhone

Opinion – One week ago, Apple released its iPhone. In the past seven days I took the phone through the pace of the average phone user – without taking the device apart and without trying to figure out quickly I could drain the battery. The conclusion of the first week: The phone has serious flaws, but it is good enough to have changed the way I am using my cellphone and notebook.

Panda Labs warns of talking virus

Computer users should be wary of a new virus that deletes important files and then hijacks the sound card to say "Your system files have been deleted. Sorry."

New video features hit Skype 3.5 Beta

A new Beta version of Skype is available, with a strong emphasis on new features that revolve around sending and sharing videos.

Second generation Chocolate phones around the corner

AMD posts Barcelona benchmark numbers

Chicago (IL) – AMD has posted performance “estimates” of its upcoming Barcelona quad-core processor on its website.  

Apple patent goes for a "button-less" mouse

Cupertino (CA) - Apple has filed a patent application for a mouse that, instead of using buttons, has an optical sensing surface. The patent describes the technology as a "mouse having a button-less panning and scrolling switch."  The controls are recognized via a built-in camera that senses light from inside the mouse, and can recognize where the user's fingers are by the displacement of light.