Man driving a tank takes out six mobile phone towers

U.S. trails major broadband technology trends

A new report released by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) highlights the changes and market dynamics in the telecommunications industry within its 30 member countries. The collected data shows that the U.S. currently does not have leadership role in driving or adopting cutting edge broadband technology.

Sprint brings back Katana phone with two new models

Overland Park (KS) - Sanyo has introduced the next generation to its Katana multimedia phone, offered exclusively with Sprint service. The Katana DLX phone joins the Katana II phone as the successors to the original model that came out just over a year ago.  The Katana II is the basic successor to the Katana, offering much of the same functionality. The Katana II does increase the internal capacity, with 21 MB of data storage possible.  It has a VGA digital camera and access to all of Sprint's Vision network features.

Intel launches first mobile Core 2 Extreme, 3 GHz quad-core and FSB1333 CPUs

Intel introduced six new Core 2 Duo variants, bringing the total for notebooks and desktop PCs to 29 different models: The Core 2 Extreme X7800 is the new flagship of the mobile CPU portfolio, new 2.66 GHz and 3 GHz quad-core desktop processors as well FSB 1333 dual-core chips extend the mainstream product line. Price cuts ring in a new round in the price war with AMD.

Bids for blended iPhone top $1000 on Ebay

Update: Intel joins $100 laptop initiative

Intel today announced that it will join the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative as an active member and effectively competing with AMD to provide at least one key component for the notebook.

iPhone buyers love their phones - survey

The vast majority of iPhone buyers are very happy with their purchase, according to a new study by Santa Monica-based Interpret.

NTT DoCoMo testing out 300 Mbps “Super G” service in Japan

Rev up those mobile phones because Japan’s NTT DoCoMo is testing out “Super G” cellular service in Tokyo that can hit up to 300 Mbps speeds.

SiS to launch new AMD-based chipsets

Intel phases out all remaining Netburst Xeon DP processors

Intel has sent all four remaining Xeon DP processors with the 65 nm Dempsey core into its product discontinuance program.

GP GPUs unleashed: Nvidia releases CUDA 1.0

Programmers can now unlock the general processing power of their Nvidia graphics cards with a new SDK.

JP Morgan analysts duel over iPhone Nano predictions

Is there an iPhone Nano in our future?  Analysts at JP Morgan are saying both yes and no in a case of dueling research reports.

Japan mulling tax on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, other devices

On July 5, a workshop was held by Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) to consider imposing a “Radio Utilization Fee”.

Microsoft preps new version of Windows Live OneCare security package

Microsoft is gearing up to release the first major upgrade to its security software Windows Live OneCare. The beta of version 2.0 is available as a free download.

Kingston unveils “ultra” low latency DDR3 memory

Albatron announces Blu-ray decoder card

Albatron has announced a graphics card whose primary focus is to enable Blu-ray movie playback on a PC.  

Gateway paints its notebooks red and blue

Irvine (CA) – Gateway has introduced two new notebook families, which are available not only in the traditional dark grey casing but also with red and blue color touches.  

Logitech unveils remote control-style mouse

Fremont (CA) – Logitech today announced its MX Air mouse, a stylish new mouse that has the shape of a common mouse, but works “in air” as well and is used just like a remote control.      

Who said wireless routers have to be boring?

Compton (CA) – Belkin today unveiled a fancy new router that you actually do not have to hide below your desk or on the corner of a shelf.    

Picture brightens for large-size LCD panels, says iSuppli