MySpace deletes 29,000 sex offender profiles

Panasonic introduces new LUMIX digital camera with 18X zoom

Compact digital cameras usually have pathetic optical zoom, but Panasonic is changing that with its new LUMIX DMC-FZ18 with an amazing 18X optical zoom.

Western Digital unleashes 2 TB external storage devices

Lake Forest (CA) – Western Digital has upgraded its external My Book drive line with 2 TB versions.  The larger size will be available on the My Book World Edition II, My Book Pro Edition II and the My Book Premium II.

Sony Ericsson gets FCC approval for new FM radio phone

Masters of technology return for BlackHat/Defcon

It’s that time of the year again and the annual BlackHat and Defcon computer security conventions are returning to Las Vegas.

Caneland & Tigerton: Intel preps for battle against AMD’s 4P Opteron

Hillsboro (OR) – Intel today disclosed more details about its final Core microprocessor product – the Tigerton processor: The CPU will go head to head with AMD’s 4P+ Opteron processors, which have dominated the MP processor segment for more than 2 years.

Alienware offers SSDs for notebooks

Alienware has begun offering flash-based mass storage devices for some of its notebooks. Customers can now purchase 32 GB solid state disk drives (SSDs) in a single or dual device configuration. Prices for SSD notebooks start at about $1500.

PC makers to push MoDT PCs in application-specific market

Beijing Olympics to accelerate FTTH deployment in China

Next Windows OS only three years away?

Microsoft joins the search privacy parade

Microsoft has joined its search engine competitors by vowing to eliminate user information from searches after 18 months.

Logitech intros wireless notebook mouse

Western Digital announces Green terabyte hard drives

Hard drives are among the most power hungry components in your PC. We have see several new ideas to cut power consumption of the devices with new technologies such as hybrid hard drives, but Western Digital claims that it has found a way to make its upcoming 1 TB hard drive use 40% less power than competing products.

Quad-cores for all – Intel’s price cut

Intel’s not-so-secret price cut has been officially announced.

Fujitsu announces fingerprint security for Windows

In an online world dominated by endless user names, passwords and answers to security questions, the idea of simple yet effective security has not been perfected yet. Fujitsu Microelectronics has introduced a fingerprint kit which takes a big step in the right direction: it works in Windows and it's easy to integrate.

iPhone gets security concern with Safari browser

A recently unearthed security hole in the iPhone's web browser would allow hackers to gain remote access to an infected iPhone.

AMD to launch X2 6400+ desktop processor

Nvidia schedules three MCP 78-based chipsets for November

LG to launch HD DVD plus BD hybrid drive in Q3, say Taiwan makers

Nearly 100% of 10-inch-and-smaller LCD panels using LED backlight