D-Link expects to ship a million 802.11n products in Q4 07

PGP creator shows off VoIP encryption app

Las Vegas (CA) – PGP creator Phil Zimmermann is now focusing his crypto skills on making VoIP calls more secure.  At the Black Hat security convention in Las Vegas, he showed off his latest version of the Zfone client that encrypts VoIP calls.  Zfone can be easily used with most VoIP clients and, according to Zimmermann, will appear in future hardware-based VoIP phones.

Point and click Gmail hacking at Black Hat

I’ve just received an email that says “I like sheep”, but it wasn’t sent by my friend – it was sent by a hacker posing as my friend.>> In Pictures: Gmail hacking at Blackhat  

Imation announces 8 cm Blu-ray recordable media

Just in time for the release of the first Blu-ray camcorders, Imation announced 8 cm BD-R (recordable) and BD-RE (re-recordable). To be sold under the TDK brand, the discs offer 7.5 GB storage space, which is enough for about 60 minutes of 1080i video. The BD-R version carries a suggested retail price of $25, while BD-RE will be priced at $35. Both versions are expected to hit store shelves sometime in September or October.

Plusmo dumps mobile widget portfolio on iPhone

Mobile application specialist Plusmo announced today full support for Apple's iPhone, bringing more than 20,000 mobile widgets to the device.

AMD says no recall needed for defective graphics cards

Acer releases two consumer notebooks

Qualcomm tapes out 45 nm chips

Evergreen converts Compact Flash cards into a solid state disk drive

Evergreen is selling in Japan a 2.5” “CF to SSD” case that houses two adapters for Compact Flash cards. In essence, the device provides a very simple opportunity to build a solid state disk (SSD) drive. There is no performance data available, but Gekkstuff4u.com, which sells the device, says that data transfer speed depends on the CF card that are being used in combination with the CF to SSD drive.    

Use the USB port to charge AA batteries

Chicago (IL) – Moixa Energy has developed rechargeable AA batteries with a twist: the batteries are recharged simply by plugging them into an USB port.      

Blackhat: Breaking audio CAPTCHAs with Winamp

This year’s Blackhat computer security convention started off with a bang.>> In Pictures: Blackhat 2007 

Microsoft releases Direct3D 10.1 preview with Shader Model 4.1

IBM consolidates servers into mainframes

Armonk (NY) – In one of the largest virtualization efforts announced to date, IBM said that it will replace 3900 of its servers with just 30 mainframe systems – reducing power consumption by about 80% or enough to free up enough power to run a small town.  

Apple updates iPhone software

AMD software lets defective graphics cards slip into the channel

AMD rumored to ship UVD-disabled Radeon HD 2400 for emerging markets

A comparison of next-gen display interfaces

Indianapolis (IN) – The world of graphics technologies continues changing at phenomenal rates. It is often difficult for the average consume to keep up with all of the advancements. Buzzwords like DVI, HDMI, UDI and DisplayPort are all the rage.  But, what is behind those phrases and how do they relate to one another? We have compiled the data into one comprehensive, easy to read overview.

YouTube at 80 MPH with Sprint’s mobile broadband

Opinion - Everyday, millions of people check their emails, watch YouTube videos and chat on Skype, but imagine doing that while speeding 80 miles-per-hour down the San Diego freeway.>> In Pictures: Sprint EVDO mobile broadband 

Iomega rolls out new NAS line

Iomega today added new members to its  StorCenter Network Hard Drive product line.

Wistron NeWeb enters design-in for Google Talk Wi-Fi phones