TSMC reportedly to make only GPU part of AMD Fusion

MySpace obliterates security researcher’s profile page

MySpace gave a digital smackdown to a security researcher yesterday after he had disclosed security vulnerabilities in the popular social networking site.

Microsoft DRM to hit Nokia phones

Nokia announced today that it has formed a partnership with Microsoft to add additional copy protection safeguards to mobile entertainment content.

Defcon 1, Dateline 0

In a sweltering hot parking lot, a young woman clutches her purse and runs to her car, chased by dozens of people.

NBC Dateline trying to expose malicious hackers at Defcon

Thousands of eager computer security geeks flooded into the Riviera casino in Las Vegas for the 15th annual Defcon convention today. The convention is only a few hours old, but there’s already a serious cloak and dagger operation aimed at finding undercover reporters from NBC’s Dateline.>> In Pictures: Opening of Defcon 2007, badge hacking challenge  

IRS employees fail computer security test

In a test to see how well its employees safeguard sensitive data, the IRS found that it was fairly easy for someone to gain access to system files.

Pioneer introduces new Blu-ray Disc burner

Long Beach (CA) - Pioneer has announced a new Blu-ray Disc PC drive that can burn BD-R as well as rewritable BD-RE media. The second generation BDR-202 drive from Pioneer has limited equalizer LSI and a liquid crystal tilt compensator, which help in playback and data reading of discs.  Additionally, it incorporates ultra DRA technology, designed to reduce the vibrations when burning a disc, according to CDR Info.

Bluetooth spec updated to version 2.1+EDR

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has officially adopted the Bluetooth specification 2.1+EDR, which promises to improve the pairing process and the power consumption of Bluetooth devices.

Mercury releases supercomputer SDK for PS3

If you are planning to do a lot more with the Playstation 3 than playing games, then here is an opportunity to use the console as a high-performance computing platform.

Gphone: Google's latest play for global domination?

ECS announces three new motherboards with 1333MHz FSB support

Systemax launches PC using VIA energy-efficient board and processor in US

D-Link expects to ship a million 802.11n products in Q4 07

PGP creator shows off VoIP encryption app

Las Vegas (CA) – PGP creator Phil Zimmermann is now focusing his crypto skills on making VoIP calls more secure.  At the Black Hat security convention in Las Vegas, he showed off his latest version of the Zfone client that encrypts VoIP calls.  Zfone can be easily used with most VoIP clients and, according to Zimmermann, will appear in future hardware-based VoIP phones.

Point and click Gmail hacking at Black Hat

I’ve just received an email that says “I like sheep”, but it wasn’t sent by my friend – it was sent by a hacker posing as my friend.>> In Pictures: Gmail hacking at Blackhat  

Imation announces 8 cm Blu-ray recordable media

Just in time for the release of the first Blu-ray camcorders, Imation announced 8 cm BD-R (recordable) and BD-RE (re-recordable). To be sold under the TDK brand, the discs offer 7.5 GB storage space, which is enough for about 60 minutes of 1080i video. The BD-R version carries a suggested retail price of $25, while BD-RE will be priced at $35. Both versions are expected to hit store shelves sometime in September or October.

Plusmo dumps mobile widget portfolio on iPhone

Mobile application specialist Plusmo announced today full support for Apple's iPhone, bringing more than 20,000 mobile widgets to the device.

AMD says no recall needed for defective graphics cards

Acer releases two consumer notebooks

Qualcomm tapes out 45 nm chips