Fujitsu marching towards terabyte hard drives for notebooks

Fujitsu announced that it has developed a basic read/write capability of ideally ordered alumina nanoholes on a 2.5” magnetic disk on the way to achieve a recording density of 1 Tb per square inch.

ECS announces entry-level motherboard with Core 2 Quad support

Asustek launches quad-LAN server motherboard

Asustek announces U3 notebook

Defcon 2007 – Mayhem, mystery and marriage

This year’s recently completed Defcon convention started off with a bang and ended on a tender note.

Honda FCX to get a $12,000 tax credit is reporting that the Honda FCX' zero-emission rating is earning (potential future) buyers a whopping tax credit. The hydrogen fuel cell car is the first vehicle first to meet government requirements outline din the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to qualify for a $12,000 tax incentive.

T-Mobile planning VoIP service?

Chicago (IL) – A new wireless broadband router popped up on the FCC website today, indicating the Linksys and T-Mobile are working together on expanding the T-Mobile Hotspot@Home service from a cellphone to multiple home phone lines.

Nokia, Sprint to offer N800 tablet with Wimax capability

Sprint is apparently preparing Nokia's N800 compact Internet device N800 to be available with support for Wimax next year.

Leaked Vista hotfix packs now official

AMD to launch Barcelona quad-core on September 10

Chicago (IL) – AMD today sent out emails inviting analysts, media and industry representatives to what the company calls "the most anticipated premiere of 2007".   In Pictures: Barcelona - Architecture details ...  

HP to launch new iPAQ handheld devices in Q4 - sources

Toshiba announces new white LEDs

Motorola unveils mobile Linux platform

Linspire launches Freespire 2.0 Linux

Open-source operating system developer Linspire today announced the availability of Freespire 2.0, a Linux OS based on Ubuntu distribution.

Palm Foleo gets Linux platform, remote PC access capability

Palm has announced two important components for its upcoming PDA extension device "Foleo". Wind River will be the open standard Linux platform for the device and LogMeIn will provide a fee-based service for the device to access a PC over the Internet.

Update 2: Steve Jobs unveils new, glossy iMac design

During a press briefing at Apple's corporate campus, Steve Jobs lifted the curtain on the company's new mold for its desktop computer line.>> In Pictures: Apple releases new iMac 

Update 2: Latest version of iLife debuts

Apple has just unveiled iLife '08, the company's catch-all software suite for entertainment applications.

First Vista Service Pack beta reportedly in circulation

Numerous PC testers claim they have received an early build of Microsoft's first Service Pack addition to Windows Vista.

AMD announces new workstation graphics cards

Defcon 2007: The Wall of Sheep gets “Hamsterized”

“Oh look, I got a MySpace.”  While other attendees at the Defcon security convention were soaking in the atmosphere, a dedicated group of hackers were soaking in their data.