Light pulses crack security codes within seconds

University of Michigan scientists have discovered a breakthrough way to utilize light in cryptography. The new technique can crack even complex codes in a matter of seconds. Scientists believe this technique offers much advancement over current solutions and could serve to foil national and personal security threats if employed.

Apple retires AppleWorks

Stolen USB drive contains info on all Idaho National Guard members

An Idaho National Guard member managed to have a USB thumb drive containing thousands of soldiers’ records stolen out of her car.

iPhone keyboard lacks accuracy, study finds

A new study concludes what many iPhone users may have found out already. The iPhone's on-screen keyboard isn't really as good as it may look at first sight.

Helio pumps out thinnest phone in the U.S.

Los Angeles (CA) - Helio's latest phone, the "Fin", measures only 0.45 inches thick and still manages to pack in a three megapixel camera and 100 MB of internal memory. See images of all Helio phones and features

Notebook shipments goal may fall short of expectations amid component shortages

StarOffice available free of charge through Google Pack

Santa Clara (CA) – Sun has begun distributing StarOffice, the commercial version of the open source productivity suite, through Google.The StarOffice version offered through Google Pack is virtually identical with StarOffice 8 that is currently offered as $70 download from Sun's website as well as a free office package for students, researchers and teachers.

Linus Torvalds runs a tight ship

This past Sunday, as release candidate three (rc3) prepared for launch with the stable 2.6.23 Linux kernel, Linus Torvalds came out of relative seclusion to give a little smack-down and keep the project on track.

Epson announces 37 ppm inkjet printer

Long Beach (CA) – Inkjet printers have come increasingly under pressure by cheap laser printers, but Epson today announced a fast inkjet that should appeal to buyers looking for a printer under $100.    

DirecTV to sell Powerline broadband

Firefly phone gets a digital camera

Chicago (IL) – There is no such thing as a an easy to use cellphone, we know that by now. And even the simplest cellphone on the market, the Firefly phone for kids, is now getting an upgrade with a digital camera, a music/video player and a comprehensive software suite including a calendar and a contact manager.    

Electromagnetic radiation spray’s claim blocked by British standards bureau

French cosmetics firm Clarins is in hot water after the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) criticized its ads for a mobile phone radiation blocking spray.

Microsoft patches nine vulnerabilities for August

Microsoft has released its monthly security bulletin, this time fixing six critical and three important vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, and other software.

TSMC manufacturing eDRAM chips for Xbox 360

Nvidia reportedly selling 128-bit version GeForce 8400GS chips in China

Lacie announces 5 TB SATA RAID

Nokia warns of battery problem that affects 46 million phones

The world's largest mobile phone manufacturer has issued an overheating warning about one of the batteries used in its products that could affect as many as 46 million handsets.

Tesla roadster delayed?

The Tesla roadster, a Silicon Valley darling and sports car that is fully powered by Li-ion batteries, may see a delivery delay, according to a post at Jalopnik.      

Intel tapes out high-end desktop chipset for Nehalem core

Industry sources confirmed to TG Daily that Intel has received first silicon of its "Tylersburg" chipset, which will be available for high-end desktop processors built on Intel's new Nehalem architecture due in 2008.

Facebook source code leaked onto Internet