Toshiba announces 320 GB notebook hard drive

Toshiba announced a new generation of 2.5" mainstream, hard drives with a maximum capacity of 320 GB. The company also announced its entry into the performance 2.5" market with 7200 rpm drives that provide up to 200 GB of storage space.

IBM and TDK aim to increase capacity of MRAM

Intel’s new G965 drivers speed up shading and games

Intel’s recently released drivers for its integrated graphics chips should speed up games between 50 and 100% according to Intel Global Communications Manager Nick Knupffer.Santa Clara (CA) – Intel’s recently released drivers for its integrated graphics chips should speed up games between 50 and 100% according to Intel Global Communications Manager Nick Knupffer.  Writing in his Intel blog, Knupffer says the new version 14.31 Graphics Media Accelerator drivers for Windows XP add hardware pixel and vertex shading to the chips – shading that the G965s had

AMD officially introduces 6400+ processor in the U.S.

Following the CPU's unveiling last week in Tokyo, AMD announced the availability of the Athlon 64 X2 6400+ processor. The new "Black Edition" processor will serve as the flagship desktop processor until the arrival of the Phenom CPU in Q4.    

Microsoft and Cisco: New best friends

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer and Cisco's Chairman and CEO John Chambers today spoke at length about collaboration, teamwork and current and future technology directions during a webcast. It was an interesting mix, kind of a competitive love-fest for the future. One that promises new products and possibilities.

40,000 MP3 files in your pocket

Samsung is getting more aggressive in the hard drive market: The company today announced a new 160 GB drive in a 1.8" form factor – which is often used in compact notebooks and some portable audio and video players such as the video iPod.

Asustek to start volume shipments of $200 PCs in September

Software bug took Skype out

Skype today provided a few more information pieces about the reasons behind its massive network outage last week.

Tilera announces 64-core processor

Palo Alto (CA) – Silicon Valley startup Tilera today announced the Tile64, a processor with 64 programmable cores that, according to the company, houses ten times the performance and 30 times the power efficiency of Intel's dual-core Xeon processors.    

Update: Skype service restored

It took 50 hours of repairs: Skype this morning informed its users that the instant messenger and VoIP communication software is back online.

Skype outage: An unprecedented wake-up call

Opinion - There are certain pieces of technology that in today's world we all pretty much rely on. Cellphones, PDAs, notebooks, the Internet. Whenever any of these are down, our lives are notably impacted. For many, the world of IM/VoIP is just such a tool. When Skype went down without a warning and has stayed down for over 36 hours, many users are beginning to think it's a bit much – and unacceptable.

IBM releases Lotus Notes and Domino 8

After two years of development and testing, IBM has decided its collaboration software is ready to go. August 17th marks the date Lotus Notes 8 and Domino 8 officially hit the market. With an eye on the Internet and collaboration, this "more than email" application is seen by IBM as the next "killer app".

Fujitsu installs hydrogen power plant in Silicon Valley campus

Fujitsu today said that it has completed work on a fuel cell power plant that will provide about 50% of the power needed to cool the firm's Sunnyvale campus data center and labs.

Motorola preps fixed wireless office phone

Chicago (IL) – The FCC has approved a new office phone from Motorola that works in combination with wireless networks and does require access to a landline.    

UK firm working on wind-powered cell phone charger

UK mobile service provider Orange has announced it is working on a new cell phone charger powered entirely by wind.

Intel Penryn processors with up to 4 GHz?

Intel plans to initially release nine desktop processors with the 45 nm Penryn core, with clock speeds eventually scaling up to 4 GHz, according to a report published by Digitimes today.

VIA introduces 1 W Eden CPU for embedded applications

Global GSM/WCDMA/HSPA subscribers top 2.5 billion mark in 2Q07, says GSA

Update: Skype outage continues into Friday

In a rather rare event, some Skype users have been unable to log on to the VoIP service since this morning.

Second batch of Apple iPhone arrives