AT&T to save trees, simplifies iPhone bills

Hundred page iPhone bills should be a thing of the past after AT&T informed customers that it will no longer itemize every call and message.

Dell consumer notebook delay may last into October-November

Epson starts volume production of new 0.7" full HD HTPS panels

Palm to launch Linux-based smartphone in October - sources

Toshiba announces 32 GB SDHC card

The next size of flash memory is knocking on our doors: Toshiba today said that it will be shipping a 16 GB SDHC card in October and a 32 GB version in January.

Google Earth 4.2 reaches for the sky

Google today released a major update for its Earth application, introducing a spectacular view on the sky, allowing users to zoom into distant galaxies and stars – and learn about phenomenons such as red giants, supernovae and how stars are born.>> In Pictures: Google Sky  

Skype apologizes

Intel announces 2.8 GHz notebook processor

Intel officially introduced a new Core 2 Extreme model for notebooks: The X7900 model increases the performance for high-end notebooks with a clock speed of 2.8 GHz.

Intel lining up 11 Penryn 45 nm processors for new notebook platforms

Attack at steals user data

Flash 9 upgrade delivers H.264 support

Sun cuts power consumption of its Santa Clara datacenter by 77%

Going green is a big trend in the computer industry these days and Sun has just completed a project that showcases how much power a modern datacenter can save over an installation that is a few years old.

Intel throws 65nm at embedded NOR Flash

Via launches low-power motherboard

Via announced a new mainboard today that, according to its manufacturer, will help system vendors to undercut the latest Energy Star power requirements by 50%.

The niche and big niche for SSD: Q&A with Dean A Klein of Micron memory system development

Toshiba announces 320 GB notebook hard drive

Toshiba announced a new generation of 2.5" mainstream, hard drives with a maximum capacity of 320 GB. The company also announced its entry into the performance 2.5" market with 7200 rpm drives that provide up to 200 GB of storage space.

IBM and TDK aim to increase capacity of MRAM

Intel’s new G965 drivers speed up shading and games

Intel’s recently released drivers for its integrated graphics chips should speed up games between 50 and 100% according to Intel Global Communications Manager Nick Knupffer.Santa Clara (CA) – Intel’s recently released drivers for its integrated graphics chips should speed up games between 50 and 100% according to Intel Global Communications Manager Nick Knupffer.  Writing in his Intel blog, Knupffer says the new version 14.31 Graphics Media Accelerator drivers for Windows XP add hardware pixel and vertex shading to the chips – shading that the G965s had

AMD officially introduces 6400+ processor in the U.S.

Following the CPU's unveiling last week in Tokyo, AMD announced the availability of the Athlon 64 X2 6400+ processor. The new "Black Edition" processor will serve as the flagship desktop processor until the arrival of the Phenom CPU in Q4.    

Microsoft and Cisco: New best friends

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer and Cisco's Chairman and CEO John Chambers today spoke at length about collaboration, teamwork and current and future technology directions during a webcast. It was an interesting mix, kind of a competitive love-fest for the future. One that promises new products and possibilities.