Skype outage raises P2P fears

Via releases 1 watt CPU

Via has extended its Eden processor family with a new ultra low voltage model.

Company claims complete software unlock of iPhone

An upstart company is claiming a complete software unlock of the Apple iPhone.

Engraved iPod helps police catch thief

Motorola cues up next Q phone

Schaumburg (IL) - Motorola has launched the latest handset in its "Q" phone line, offering more than 32 gigabytes of removable memory and a new keyboard layout. Based on Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6 operating system, the Q Music 9M has a strong multimedia focus with video/music controls operated by a clicking scroll wheel on the side of the phone.

AT&T to save trees, simplifies iPhone bills

Hundred page iPhone bills should be a thing of the past after AT&T informed customers that it will no longer itemize every call and message.

Dell consumer notebook delay may last into October-November

Epson starts volume production of new 0.7" full HD HTPS panels

Palm to launch Linux-based smartphone in October - sources

Toshiba announces 32 GB SDHC card

The next size of flash memory is knocking on our doors: Toshiba today said that it will be shipping a 16 GB SDHC card in October and a 32 GB version in January.

Google Earth 4.2 reaches for the sky

Google today released a major update for its Earth application, introducing a spectacular view on the sky, allowing users to zoom into distant galaxies and stars – and learn about phenomenons such as red giants, supernovae and how stars are born.>> In Pictures: Google Sky  

Skype apologizes

Intel announces 2.8 GHz notebook processor

Intel officially introduced a new Core 2 Extreme model for notebooks: The X7900 model increases the performance for high-end notebooks with a clock speed of 2.8 GHz.

Intel lining up 11 Penryn 45 nm processors for new notebook platforms

Attack at steals user data

Flash 9 upgrade delivers H.264 support

Sun cuts power consumption of its Santa Clara datacenter by 77%

Going green is a big trend in the computer industry these days and Sun has just completed a project that showcases how much power a modern datacenter can save over an installation that is a few years old.

Intel throws 65nm at embedded NOR Flash

Via launches low-power motherboard

Via announced a new mainboard today that, according to its manufacturer, will help system vendors to undercut the latest Energy Star power requirements by 50%.

The niche and big niche for SSD: Q&A with Dean A Klein of Micron memory system development