Nero details latest multimedia management software

Nero today released information about the upcoming Nero 8 software package for creating, editing, ripping, converting and burning digital media content.

Nvidia G92 graphics chip to launch in November

Microsoft releases details on Vista SP1

Microsoft says Service Pack 1 for Vista should be available in the next few weeks to select beta testers and the general public in the first quarter of 2008.

Nuke plant guard caught napping

Unlocking the iPhone: What does it mean?

Analyst Opinion - Maybe not as much as you think and maybe everything. So let's have a closer look.

Nokia introduces mobile music, games service

Nokia has unveiled a new wireless platform for downloading music and games onto mobile phones.

S3 to volume produce new graphics chips by year-end

AMD talks plans for server, desktop and notebooks

Asustek and Gigabyte to be first to launch AMD RD790 mobos in September

Scientists pack terabytes onto DVDs

Jerusalem (Israel) - A company called Mempile has developed a prototype storage device which uses a DVD-like disc capable of eventually storing up to 1 Terabyte worth of data in a semi-transparent disc.  It has 200 physical layers of about 5GB each on this disc.  That's enough to store more than 250,000 MP3s, 115 full-length DVD movies, or 40 full-length HD movies on each disc.  Researchers believe the technology will yield multi-TB discs that could fit in your coat pocket.  

Intel promises enhanced trusted computing in virtualization with vPro

Intel announced today an extended platform technology which has the potential to make computer viruses and successful hacker attacks in virtualized environments a thing of the past.

Sparkle's 8600 GTS graphics card gets an extra 256 MB

Windows Genuine Advantage servers failed during weekend

Some Microsoft customers received a huge shock this weekend after they unsuccessfully tried to validate their Windows XP, Vista and Microsoft Office products.

Iomega announces Home Network Hard Drive

Iomega today announced its low-priced Home Network Hard Drive product line.

Barcelona sports a new green logo

Barcelona is AMD's latest core redesign with internal changes to achieve greater compute parity with Intel's Core 2 architecture.

Sony rootkit concerns resurface with USB drive

Sony is the face of a new malware threat that deals with fingerprint-authenticating USB drives.

DivX-HD extends 1080i/p with new encoding features

DivX has released a new beta package of its software that supports the full 1080 standard as a 1080HD superset.

MSI Twin Turbo puts old twist on GPU overclocking

More vendors to launch sub-$300 HSDPA handsets before year-end 2007

Nikon announces D3 full-frame digital SLR

Nikon has announced its first full-frame digital SLR camera, the D3.