HP's Blackbird performance desktop lands

Hewlett-Packard (HP) today announced its long awaited gaming rig that had been in development with the help of the firm's boutique PC builder for some time. Blackbird goes head to head with Dell's XPS performance desktops.>> In Pictures: HP Blackbird 002  

Intel Clovertowns step up, reduce power

Intel announced today their quad-core Clovertown server CPUs will receive a new stepping from B3 to G0, which brings some new abilities including lower power consumption.

Microsoft drops price on Zunes

Toshiba announces 160 GB 1.8" CE-ATA hard drive

Coinciding with the release of a 160 GB iPod, Toshiba today announced a 160 GB 1.8" hard drive, which will be available with a CE-ATA interface later this year.

Update: Apple revamps entire iPod line, introduces ringtone maker

Not too many people in this world can hold a crowd as well as Apple’s Steve Jobs and for one hour today he wowed thousands with a bigger and brighter iPod lineup, along with a new ringtone maker.>> In Pictures: Apple's new iPods 

Intel announces Tigerton Xeon MP processor

Santa Clara (CA) – Five days ahead of the launch of AMD's Barcelona processor, Intel today announced its 65 nm Xeon 7300/7200 series, the latest and final product based on the company's Core microarchitecture.

Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 goes after casual Photoshop users

Ottawa (CA) – Corel has released a new version of Paint Shop Pro, a $100 image editing package that offers a taste of features typically only available in much more expensive applications, such as support for high-dynamic range pictures.  

New iPods coming today?

Asustek to launch second-generation $200 PC in April 2008

HP to launch iPAQ 600 and iPAQ 900 smartphones in Q4 - sources

Thinkpad turns 15, gets a $5000 "Reserve Edition"

Research Triangle Park (NC) – If you are planning on spending $5000 for a notebook, there's a good chance that you are looking for a gaming system and you probably will not be checking what Lenovo is offering. But if you have $5000 to spend on a fancy business notebook, the limited Thinkpad Reserve Edition is worth a look.      

Microsoft gives green light to Silverlight

Microsoft's rival to the universal Flash media format, Silverlight, is now officially available, marking the beginning of what could be a heated Web video format war.

Palm pulls plug on Foleo

E-mail malware takes a break in August

Study says 10 minutes on cell phone can trigger cancer onset

A new study casts one of the most negative lights on cell phone usage, claiming that just 10 minutes of chatting can lead to cancer.

Intel: Caneland turning AMD's server momentum around

Intel is gearing up to launch its Xeon 7300 processor, the last piece of its Core micro-architecture strategy. It's a critical product that is designed to attack AMD in a market that is still dominated by the green team. But Intel believes that is going to change.

Late cellphone use cuts into teenagers' sleep time

A new study published by the Leuven School for Mass Communication Research at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium indicates that cellphone users after "bedtime" may have long-term effects on sleep time.

AT&T lets parents limit cell use

Lacie intros 4 TB 4-disk RAID

China denies accusations of Pentagon hacking

China says it has never hacked into sensitive files in the Pentagon computer database, despite a recent report that claims otherwise.