Microsoft feels the bite of Friday the 13th.... metaphorically

Microsoft stock is taking a pounding, worse thing in 13 years; it's going all negative campaign ads on the iPad to move the stockpile of Surface tablets that no one wanted to buy, and, all those publications that took Microsoft ad money this year are now free to go all nyah, nyah, nyah on Redmond. Lord, what is wrong with the world today?

This computer system automatically generates TCP congestion-control algorithms

TCP, the transmission control protocol, is one of the core protocols governing the Internet: If counted as a computer program, it's the most widely used program in the world.

Microsoft financial results take a beating

Microsoft's 2013 fourth quarter and end of fiscal year results are not fun. On the surface of things, it is all about the Surface debacle. Not quite an MS Bob level tragedy, but everyone is ticked off about the whole thing: Microsoft, its partners, its investors, post-PC era, yadda, yadda, yadda.   

Microsoft Outlook on iPad and iPhone

Let's be honest: about time. Outlook Web App (OWA) is going all Apple on us. But, if you look at the interface, it looks like Apple is going all Microsoft tile-y. Hmmm.

Blocking Guns From Your 3D Printer

JJ Abrams, who we all know as the current mastermind behind Star Trek and Lost, recently mentioned to Howard Stern that he has a 3D printer in his office, and considering you can practically make anything short of a real human being with a 3D printer, it seems like it would be really cool to have one.

Microsoft's epic realignment of the company

Steve Ballmer's memo to the Microsoft faithful on the shift in strategy is either epic or yet another symptom of why the company needs a serious management refresh. It's also very long so, we could just be saying this because we lost him at hello.

The Google Graveyard

Here it is in all of its glory and beauty: the stuff that Google did that it don't do no more. All delivered a la carte in an infographic from the people over at Wordstream.

Pearltrees for Android goes live

Pearltrees can best be described as a visual and collaborative library that allows users to easily curate and keep track of their favorite subjects.

Fix Toolbox Releases a New SQL Database Fix Tool with Advanced Functionality

Fix Toolbox, one of the leading experts in the field of data recovery and database repair solutions, announces the release of SQL Server Fix Toolbox, the newest member of the company’s growing product portfolio and a tool capable of restoring the contents of corrupted SQL database files quicker than ever.  

Claim: Twitter can't replaces newswires

News agencies continue to have an edge over Twitter in being first with the news, a study found.

Microsoft Office goes Mobile for the iPhone

Microsoft has launched an iPhone version of Office Mobile for Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 ProPlus subscribers.

Code Wars: PHP vs Ruby vs Python

Ah, when programmers collide, or just compare notes, or just hang out. Because they don't like to fight. Or do war. They don't look good mud wrestling either so, that's out. Maybe a really cool infographic will settle things, once and for all.

Report: Apple's iRadio debut is imminent

A number of reports indicate that Apple is preparing to debut its iRadio music streaming service next week, with Cupertino supposedly in the midst of campaign to contact major advertisers about the platform.

5 reasons to beat the death drum for TiVo

It's 16 years old, showing its age, and facing competition from the cloud. The cloud! Television ain't what it used to be.

Will Twitter become less interactive?

Popular social media site Twitter may eventually resemble a broadcast medium like television or radio, with users reading messages written by celebrities and corporations rather than writing their own "tweet" messages of up to 140 characters.

Pearltrees Asimov goes live

Pearltrees can best be described as a visual and collaborative library that allows users to easily curate and keep track of their favorite subjects.

Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) heads to Google TV

After languishing on an ancient customized version of Android for quite some time, Google TV is finally set to get a long-awaited upgrade with a new version of the operating system.

Google kicks off I/O 2013 with All Access music for Android

This morning, Google kicked off its 6th annual I/O conference with over 6,000 devs at Moscone Center in San Francisco, 460 I/O Extended sites in 90 countries, and millions around the world who tuned in via Mountain View's livestream.

Phoenix racks up over $35,000 for Android apps on HP's TouchPad

WebOS was a mobile operating system originally created by Palm. Although initially popular amongst the tech crowd, webOS-powered smartphones and tablets never really caught on with mainstream users.

Finless ROM goes live for MK908 Android PC-on-a-stick

One of the things about Android that really appeals to techies and mainstream users is the open-nature of Google's operating system and related devices, at least in certain instances.