As IPO looms, Facebook changes privacy policy again

Facebook's updating its data use policy yet again, in an attempt to satisfy the Irish data protection authority - and potential shareholders.

Groupon Rewards goes national

The leading daily deal site is trying to become more than just a one-trick pony.

Bing revamped with clearer social content

Microsoft's rolling out its first big update to Bing since the search engine first launched three years ago.

Microsoft under heavy fire for Windows 8 browser blockade

Microsoft has come under heavy fire from Mozilla for allegedly blocking third-party browsers from operating in Windows 8 (RT-ARM) Classic mode.

Facebook creates new App Center, aims to promote mobile

Facebook's created an App Center - not so much a store, but a showcase where users can browse the best Android, iOS, mobile and web apps that integrate with the social network.

Dell touts Linux laptop for Android, JS devs

Dell is prepping a dev-centric laptop that runs Ubuntu 12.04 on XPS13 Ultrabook hardware.

Mastercard launches 'Paypass Wallet' platform

Mastercard is hoping to define what it means to be a payment solutions provider in the 21st century.

Are you a Facebook addict?

Well, Facebook addiction must exist: Norwegian researchers have created a psychological scale to measure it.

How to measure your Facebook addiction

Dr. Cecilie Schou Andreassen of the University of Bergen has a theory about why some people develop chronic Facebook dependency.

Windows Media Center in Windows 8 will be paid upgrade

Microsoft is revealing how Media Center will be part of the Windows 8 strategy.

Gmail offers free language translation

Google is trying to eliminate the language barrier when it comes to email.

Skype investigates tool used to reveal IP addresses

When it comes to online privacy, the more savvy users are quite serious about keeping certain information like IP addresses under wraps.

Windows 8 sparks concern amongst vendors

Microsoft Windows 8 has long been touted as the savior of the laptop and notebook market - which faces a very real threat from Apple's iPad and various Android tablets. 

Microsoft HomeOS will be home automation of the future

Microsoft is finally ready to step into the world of home automation.

Dropbox update hits in wake of Google Drive

Now that it has a huge competitor, Dropbox has just been updated to make itself stand out more.

How celebrities spread Twitter's biggest-ever story

Steve Martin and Kim Kardashian drove the breaking of the news of Osama bin Laden's death.

Google Chrome OS to get Drive integration

Mountain View is preparing to integrate its new Google Drive Cloud-based storage platform with the upcoming version of its flagship Chrome operating system.

Apple: iOS and OS X will not converge

Apple CEO Tim Cook says iOS (iPad) and OS X (iMac, MacBooks) will remain two distinct operating systems for their respective lineup of devices.

Al Gore accepted into Internet Hall of Fame

Al Gore is being inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame; after all, he invented it, right?

Google Drive goes live

Mountain View has finally take the wraps off its long awaited Google Cloud-based Drive, which can be used to create, share, collaborate and store data.