"Most" Vista Express upgrades confirmed to ship in March

Chicago (IL) - The Vista Express upgrade, which has not been so "express," as we learned yesterday, will finally be making its way to consumers in March, supply chain management firm ModusLink told TG Daily today.

UPDATE: Windows Vista Express Upgrades could begin shipping next week

If you purchased a PC before January 30 and took advantage of the Vista Express Upgrade program, you know by now that this program is everything else but "Express".

Skype 3.1 beta adds virtual yellow pages

Although Skype 3.0 was just released a few months ago, a new public beta version has already been made available.

Will Apple's Leopard bite? - analyst opinion

Windows Vista is out the gate, but Apple is gearing up to unleash its latest wildcat, Leopard. How does it compare to Vista and will it be strong enough to offer convincing incentives over the use of Microsoft's $5 billion Vista OS?

AMD raises graphics performance with second-gen Vista driver

AMD today released its second Catalyst graphics driver for Windows Vista, promising performance gains between 21% and 48% in certain games. Nvidia also has caught up with Vista and recently released its first final driver for the new operating system.

Adobe releases Lightroom 1.0

Culver City (CA) - Adobe has officially its RAW/JPEG editing and organizing application, Lightroom 1.0. The program is meant for professional photographers, like wedding or sports photographers, who have to manage and show thousands of RAW images. It has basic editing tools and extensive meta-data tagging and ranking.

Microsoft releases Vista migration tools

Microsoft has released six new tools that should help businesses migrate to Vista.

Microsoft's Virtual PC 2007 goes gold

Just as promised, Microsoft's Virtual PC 2007 is now available as a free download.

SlySoft invites beta testers for upcoming HD-DVD ripper

Antigua (West Indies) - SlySoft, a company known for its CD/DVD ripping software, is inviting the public to test drive its HD-DVD ripping program. Beta testers of AnyDVD HD can "remaster" the high-definition discs and, according to SlySoft, rip out first tracks and advertisements.  

Oasis ratifies Open Document Format 1.1

Oasis has approved version 1.1 of the Open Document Format (ODF), which provides an alternative and open file format for documents created with office applications. ODF 1.1 includes accessibility improvements for users with disabilities.

Microsoft: We’ll talk about the next Windows when we are ready

Microsoft has issued a statement on reports that the successor of Windows Vista will be released in 2009.

BeOS fans resurrect OS

BeOS fans are bringing back their favorite operating system as the Haiku OS.

Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6

Barcelona (Spain) - Microsoft unveiled the next version of its smartphone operating system at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Windows Mobile 6 brings a range of improvements and new features, ranging from a new Internet Explorer web browser to the integration of Office and Windows Live applications.

Environmental hotspots in Google Earth

Google and the United Nations are reminding people that environmental hotspots can be viewed inside of the free Google Earth program.

Microsoft dismisses claims of Vista breaking games, but ...

In a conversation with TG Daily, Microsoft defended itself against claims that Windows Vista does not run 90% of the games on the market today.

New Half-life games to come bundled as Black Box, Orange Box

Game publisher EA and developer Valve today said that the new installment to the PC hit Half-Life is going to available in two different bundles - a basic versions for the PC, and a premium bundle that will also be available for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

A Vista upgrade nightmare

By now, if you are somewhat interested in your PC, you have heard all about Vista. And considering all the goodies the software brings, you can't tell me that you aren't planning to ditch that rusty XP in favor of all those Vista features.By now, if you are somewhat interested in your PC, you have heard all about Vista. And considering all the goodies the software brings, you can't tell me that you aren't planning to ditch that rusty XP in favor of all those Vista features.

Microsoft: Claims of Vista breaking games "grossly overstated"

Microsoft has reacted to accusations of casual game publisher that claimed that Windows Vista is breaking at least 90% of games in the market, mainly due to the operating system's new security architecture.

Prove who you are with Symantec's "Identity Client"

There are plenty of tools to verify the legitimacy of online businesses, but there aren't many for verifying customer identities. Now, Symantec has unveiled their "Norton Identity Client" which proves a customer's identity to businesses.

Electric Rain announces high-end presentation tool for Office 2007

Highlighting a big Microsoft launch while trying to set itself apart from another, Electric Rain has announced Standout, a presentation slideshow application for Vista that aims to be a better offering than the new Powerpoint available in Office 2007, which also launched today.