Mozilla puts green light on Firefox 3 Alpha 5

The latest pre-release version of Firefox 3.0 has hit the Internet, adding among other things the addition of bookmarks to the much touted "Places" feature.

Photosynth 3D image browser gets first real world app

BBC is the first company to test a commercial use of Microsoft’s Photosynth 3D image browser: Photosynth connects images in a three-dimensional way to enable interactive sightseeing on the PC screen. Extra: Slideshow

Is ReadyBoost ready?

Office Live Meeting 2007 pushed up to June

Microsoft will launch the latest installment in its video conferencing software this month, adding support for virtual 360 degree conference rooms. overhauls search engine

Still clinging to life in the search engine arena, today unveiled a new slate of visual and functional updates to its search platform.

Mozilla releases final update for Firefox 1.5

General Public License 3.0 final draft now available

The Free Software Foundation has released the final draft of the GNU General Public License 3.0, setting a timetable for the completed version by the end of June.

Microsoft to offer improved tools to search books

Google moves to offline software with Gears

Google has unveiled its first major software product that consumers can use without the need for a permanent Internet connection.

New Firefox update adds security, Vista support

Mozilla released its third update to Firefox 2.0 this week.

Microsoft adds New York to Live Search Maps

The Big Apple is getting the 3D treatment in Microsoft’s updated Live Search Map service. Extra: Image Gallery

Microsoft Surface: What Media Center should have been - analyst opinion

When I was briefed on Surface (previously code-named Milan) a few days ago, I was incredibly impressed. Having gotten used to disappointments like Origami, Zune, and even the Media Center PC where Microsoft didn’t actually finish the offering, this product was a breath of fresh air, largely because it was complete.

Nero brings Blu-ray, HD DVD burning to Linux

Video editing software company Nero announced today that Nero Linux 3 is available worldwide, claiming it is the first Linux application to support Blu-ray and HD DVD burning.

Valve's Steam hits 13 million user mark

Valve Software announced today that over 13 million users are now actively using its Steam digital distribution service.

Microsoft offers free Vista eval for virtual machines

Microsoft is now offering a 30-day evaluation version of Vista for virtual machines.

Adobe closes FreeHand in favor of Illustrator

Effective immediately, Adobe has shut down its vector drawing app FreeHand, encouraging users to move to its other akin software program Illustrator.

Google intros contextual search, more features to play with

Mountain View (CA) – Google’s core search engine has been walking down an evolutionary path, with new functionality being integrated almost silently over the course of the past years. At least for today, the perception of a gradually improving search engine has changed: Google announced a wave of new features that go well beyond integrated search: There is a new contextual search, access to experimental search features as well as an upcoming cross-language platform, which could bridge search results between different languages.   

Google integrates search engines

Mountain View (CA) – Google today announced may be the most significant enhancement to the company’s core search engine in several years: Google is integrating search engines that so far have operated as separate entities into the main Google search. It also marks the first time that YouTube is closely embedded into Google search results.

Bill Gates: 40 million Vista copies sold

Los Angeles (CA) - Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates gave his last keynote at the WinHEC conference earlier this morning and outlined the success of the Windows Vista operating system.  He told the audience of programmers and hardware engineers that Vista sales were “beyond our expectations” and outlined some key features of the upcoming Windows Home Server and the renamed Longhorn Windows Server 2008.  

Update: Windows Longhorn officially named Server 2008

Los Angeles (CA) - At this week's WinHEC conference, Microsoft gave the official title of Windows Server 2008 to its next major platform, which was previously codenamed Longhorn.   New products on the WinHEC 2007 showfloor (32 images) ...