Catalyst 7.9 introduces Avivo Video Converter on Vista 64

Adobe shows off speedier Flash Media Server 3

Microsoft touts deployment of its high-definition video encoder tools

Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 goes after casual Photoshop users

Ottawa (CA) – Corel has released a new version of Paint Shop Pro, a $100 image editing package that offers a taste of features typically only available in much more expensive applications, such as support for high-dynamic range pictures.  

Microsoft gives green light to Silverlight

Microsoft's rival to the universal Flash media format, Silverlight, is now officially available, marking the beginning of what could be a heated Web video format war.

Google sneaks in a Flight Sim

There is a not so apparent feature in the latest version of Google Earth: A flight simulator.>> In Pictures: Google Flight Simulator  

Nero details latest multimedia management software

Nero today released information about the upcoming Nero 8 software package for creating, editing, ripping, converting and burning digital media content.

Microsoft releases details on Vista SP1

Microsoft says Service Pack 1 for Vista should be available in the next few weeks to select beta testers and the general public in the first quarter of 2008.

Windows Genuine Advantage servers failed during weekend

Some Microsoft customers received a huge shock this weekend after they unsuccessfully tried to validate their Windows XP, Vista and Microsoft Office products.

DivX-HD extends 1080i/p with new encoding features

DivX has released a new beta package of its software that supports the full 1080 standard as a 1080HD superset.

Google Earth 4.2 reaches for the sky

Google today released a major update for its Earth application, introducing a spectacular view on the sky, allowing users to zoom into distant galaxies and stars – and learn about phenomenons such as red giants, supernovae and how stars are born.>> In Pictures: Google Sky  

Flash 9 upgrade delivers H.264 support

Update: Skype service restored

It took 50 hours of repairs: Skype this morning informed its users that the instant messenger and VoIP communication software is back online.

Skype outage: An unprecedented wake-up call

Opinion - There are certain pieces of technology that in today's world we all pretty much rely on. Cellphones, PDAs, notebooks, the Internet. Whenever any of these are down, our lives are notably impacted. For many, the world of IM/VoIP is just such a tool. When Skype went down without a warning and has stayed down for over 36 hours, many users are beginning to think it's a bit much – and unacceptable.

IBM releases Lotus Notes and Domino 8

After two years of development and testing, IBM has decided its collaboration software is ready to go. August 17th marks the date Lotus Notes 8 and Domino 8 officially hit the market. With an eye on the Internet and collaboration, this "more than email" application is seen by IBM as the next "killer app".

Update: Skype outage continues into Friday

In a rather rare event, some Skype users have been unable to log on to the VoIP service since this morning.

Apple retires AppleWorks

StarOffice available free of charge through Google Pack

Santa Clara (CA) – Sun has begun distributing StarOffice, the commercial version of the open source productivity suite, through Google.The StarOffice version offered through Google Pack is virtually identical with StarOffice 8 that is currently offered as $70 download from Sun's website as well as a free office package for students, researchers and teachers.

Linus Torvalds runs a tight ship

This past Sunday, as release candidate three (rc3) prepared for launch with the stable 2.6.23 Linux kernel, Linus Torvalds came out of relative seclusion to give a little smack-down and keep the project on track.

TG Daily Special: Virtualization Explored: Installing VMware

This article is a supplement to the three-part article entitled "TG Daily Special:  Virtualization".  In this article we'll go through the entire process of setting up a virtual machine.  You'll learn what software is required,  what hardware should be used and, as a companion to the three-part article, why it is desirable to do so.