Microsoft extends XP sales timeline by five months

Microsoft has announced it will continue to sell Windows XP for five months longer than it originally expected, because of customer feedback.

Space Time’s 3D eBay, porn …. Errr web browser

Forget web 2.0, here comes browser 2.0.  At the Demofall 07 conference in San Diego, we were given a very nice demonstration of Space Time’s 3D browser.  Forget tabbed browsing, this browser puts all the pages into 3D tiles and then you zoom through them.  For eBay and YouTube addicts, this browser is a godsend, as you can see in our video.

Excel 2007 bug messes up calculations

A recently unearthed glitch in Microsoft's newest version of Excel sometimes shows the wrong answer for a specific kind of equation.

Qumranet’s Solid Ice - Virtual operating systems on steroids

Virtual operating system applications like VMWare, Microsoft’s Virtual PC and Linux Xen have been around for ages, but startup Qumranet claims its Solid Ice product can do things cheaper, faster and prettier.

DivX 6.7 provides 1080p HD video and enhanced audio features

Vista service pack, Server 2008 nearing release

Mac Office 2008 prices, packages announced

SCO, Linux and Rob Enderle: A Conclusion

Opinion – SCO's battle against Linux is coming to an end, as SCO is currently counted down like a boxer who is realizing that he just may have lost his last fight and it's time to quit. But there are several loose ends to the SCO-Linux story, one of them being how Rob Enderle ended up in the middle of this battle. TG Daily asked him to reflect on the events from a few years ago and last week. Here is what he has to say.

Adobe updates Photoshop, Premiere Elements

Adobe has launched Premiere Elements 4 and Photoshop Elements 6 today, the latest versions in the respective media editing software lines.

Microsoft quietly unveils Vista-to-XP downgrade

Microsoft has reportedly begun offering a downgrade option to PC makers who want to allow their customers to have the option of using XP over the pre-installed Vista software.

Vista failing to win over the enterprise

Intel seeks collaboration, open protocols and a 3D Web

Intel's final day of keynotes brought home both the software side and a future vision for the interconnected user. Intel asks us if we're ready for the 3D Web.

Microsoft vs. EU: Expecting the unexpected

Analyst Opinion - One thing you learn over time is if you get a government agency involved in a competitive dispute, the outcome may not be what you expect and the amount of time to get some sort of a result may exceed your companies’ lifetime.

New satellite to serve Google Earth

IBM makes office software available free of charge

IBM is getting more aggressive in the productivity software arena and is challenging Microsoft with Lotus Symphony, a free office software package that includes three applications covering word processing, presentation creation and spreadsheets.

Powerpoint clone added to Google Docs

Google has launched a beta version of Presentations, a Web-based clone of Microsoft Powerpoint.>> In Pictures: Google Presentations

Google approves of Office Open XML decision by the ISO

Google has released a statement praising the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for not approving the new Open Office XML standard.

Real Networks deals with Sonic for DVD burning

Sonic Solutions announced today that it has licensed its AuthorScript technology to Real Networks to allow users to create DVDs from Real Media files.

Sun to pre-install Windows on its servers

Sun is continues to march deeper into the x86 server segment: The company broke down yet another old wall and announced that it has become a Windows Server OEM.

Microsoft and Citrix agree on virtual machine standard

The announcement made by Microsoft and Citrix today is expected to bolster both companies in the virtualization markets.