Windows 7 previewed with MinWin

Urbana (IL) - Eric Traut, a distinguished Microsoft engineer, was on hand last week to give a preview of upcoming virtualization techniques, hypervisors and the like.  However, one of the more interesting aspects of the presentation was a short segment on Windows 7, the next generation of Windows (after Vista).  The demo showed a slimmed down core operating system without graphics, one using only 33 MB of memory.

Firefox 3 to build on heavy visual integration

The next generation Mozille Web browser will appear differently depending on which operating system is being used, as developers try to blend in multiple components seamlessly with Windows, Mac OS X, and even Linux.

UPDATE #2: Vista is the most un-user friendly operating system

Opinion - Vista has the capability of turning a multi-thousand dollar piece of equipment, and turning it into a brick.  UPDATE: Response to commenters.  UPDATE #2: Information about previous OS experience.

Ubuntu 7.10: Gutsy Gibbon is on the loose

Apple: SDK for iPhone third party apps coming in February

Steve Jobs believes that the iPhone is “the best mobile platform ever for developers”, but users are still waiting for Apple to open up the phone for third parties almost four months after launch. But according Jobs, the SDK is coming – as soon as concerns about malware threats have been reduced.

Apple slices DRM-free iTunes tracks price to 99 cents

After five months of charging users an additional 30 cents to download a straight MP3 track, Apple has decided to bring the prices down to the same as their DRM-ridden counterparts.

Leopard to leap onto Apple computers October 26

Apple announced today that it has set a new, firm release date for its next-generation operating system of October 26.

How to lose your digital life in 20 minutes

Opinion - Ever since my first days as a tech journalist, I have been preaching about the importance of backups. But even if you diligently backup your precious data, disaster can strike any moment and it doesn’t hurt to have a recovery strategy in place, even if you are not the CIO of a billion dollar corporation.

Microsoft patches Excel calculation bug

Microsoft has fixed a rare display glitch in Excel 2007, two weeks after it first alerted users to the problem.

Winamp turns 10

Linspire desktop operating system pushed to version 6.0

Open source OS specialist Linspire announced today that it has upgraded its desktop Linux platform.

Ubuntu's "Gutsy Gibbon 7.10" release Oct 18 with a full 3D GUI

New GPU-Z graphics card identifying utility available for download

New Skype version for Linux now available

OpenSuse 10.3 released

Microsoft fixes more Vista issues

Microsoft has doled out a few patches to improve stability in Windows Vista, for the second time in as many months.

Ebay launches beta version of Adobe-powered desktop app

Ebay announced today that it has launched a public beta version of Ebay Desktop, one of the first big commercial products to run on the Adobe AIR format.

Flash Lite adds support for Flash video

Adobe debuts media player

Adobe has launched the beta version of its new media player, using the same format and streaming technology seen in YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Microsoft opens up beta for online Office application

In a bid to steal back some of the thunder that Google's online apps have taken, Microsoft has announced it is working on a Web-based extension to its Office software suite.