More Windows 7 screenshots surfacing

Chicago (IL) – Since we have run a story on the first Windows 7 Milestone here on TG Daily, screenshots of portions of the new operating system have been popping up around the web. We have received a few more screens – take a look.

Corel releases CorelDraw X4 graphics suite

Joomla 1.5 CMS released

A virtualized Windows Vista for $23 per year

There is no doubt that Microsoft is late to the virtualization party, given the traction companies such as VMWare have gained in recent months. However, the company today outlined its “Dynamic IT” vision, a large-scale virtualization approach from the server to the client.

Microsoft begins shipping Office 2008 for Macs

Mac Office 2008 has begun shipping, giving owners of Apple computers a crack at the latest version of Microsoft's productivity suite.

First Windows Vista upgrade available to public

Microsoft warns of file corruption in Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server is Microsoft’s new operating system, but that doesn’t spare it from serious problems.  Several users have reported file corruption issues when using certain programs and now Microsoft is warning people to not save files to the computer until the problem is resolved.

Firefox 3 Beta 2 out, Internet Explorer 8 taking shape

Following close on the heels of Opera 9.25, Mozilla has released a second, and much improved beta version of its Firefox browser. Microsoft also joined the announcement frenzy with a note that the software will be out in the first half of next year.

Microsoft updates XNA to support online multiplayer games on Live platform

New software helps catch bugs faster

Software developers often spend days trying to track down simple bugs.  A new software-based tool may help them find common types of bugs more quickly.  It's an open-source endeavor that may be just what the web-based software gurus have been looking for.

Office 2007 update goes live ahead of schedule

Microsoft this week released the first major update to Office 2007, even though it wasn't expected to be available until next year.

Google’s Gdrive has a huge revenue potential, analysts say

Following media reports that Google is about to release an online storage space service to its users, analysts have started playing a numbers game whether such a service would actually be profitable for the company.

Microsoft opens Office Live Workspace beta

DivX Pro 6.8 available as a free download

Microsoft slates Office 2007 SP1 release for Dec. 11

Microsoft hard at work on Windows XP for OLPC

Microsoft’s software engineers are “working hard” on a slimmed-down version of Windows XP for the One Laptop Per Child project, but company officials say there is still much work to be done.

Microsoft releases Windows Server 2008 RC1

'Kill switch' dropped from Vista

Counterfeit rate of Vista half that of XP

Pushing good news back into the Windows Vista scene, Microsoft claims that its next-generation operating system is more robust at preventing counterfeit attempts.

First security package for Google's Android announced