Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 delayed

Internet Explorer 8 will have more interoperability

Microsoft announced this week that it is tweaking its settings for the next version of Internet Explorer, adding Web standards to increase interoperability with content rendering.

Microsoft slashes Windows Vista prices

Following a less-than-ideal volume of upgrades to Microsoft's next-generation operating system, the software giant has cut the price on the two main versions of Windows Vista, bringing the cost down by as much as $80.

Microsoft execs saw problems with early Vista

Google goes after another Microsoft cash cow

Microsoft launches 2008 server lineup

Microsoft yanks Vista SP1 update causing endless reboots

AMD releases last non-quad-GPU driver package

Firefox 3 Beta 3 goes live

Mozilla has launched the third version of its preview build for Firefox 3, adding numerous enhancements to the next-generation Web browser.

XDepth brings High Dynamic Range capability to JPEG

San Rafael de Escazu (Costa Rica) – It appears that a small software company from Costa Rica has made huge step towards next-generation imaging, by adding High Dynamic Range (HDR) support to the good old JPG format, while keeping the updated format backwards compatible with 8- to 24-bit JPEG editors and viewers.

Apple rolls out Aperture 2

Apple’s new image editing and management software made its debut today with a new image processing engine at its core and a redesigned user interface on top.

Windows Vista SP1 RTM available via MLVS

Microsoft beta testers and volume licensing customers are getting early access the Vista SP1: The service pack is now available via the manufacturer’s Volume License Services (MLVS), according to several reports published today.

Mozilla unwraps Firefox

A new version of Firefox is now available, giving the browser a standard security and stability makeover.

Valve's digital distribution platform Steams ahead to 15 million users

Valve's PC game download service Steam has surpassed the 15 million account milestone, after having far and away its most successful holiday season to date.

Vista SP1 already leaked on the Net

Redmond (WA) – We knew it was going to happen… Microsoft’s Windows vista Service Pack 1 has already been leaked onto Bittorrent sites around the globe.  The release to manufacturing (RTM) version was announced just a few days ago on the Vista team blog, but the software is now available on sites like  

Yellow Dog Linux 6.0 for PS3 released

Terrasoft has released a new version of its Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) operating system, which includes a new kernel version as well as the E17 desktop environment.

Windows 7 M1: Nothing to get excited about

Industry Inside – I have been lucky enough to get an early peek at Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 7. But if you were expecting dramatic visual changes and a departure from Vista, Milestone 1 truly disappoints. But then, M1 has a different purpose, it is not intended to provide eye candy. Here's what you could expect from M1 - in the very unlikely case you'd come across the installation DVD.  

IBM releases Beta 4 of Symphony office suite

Microsoft releases Windows Vista SP1 to manufacturing

The first significant update for Windows Vista is on its way to the consumer. SP1 is in production now and will be available to users in March. Microsoft also announced the release of manufacturing of Windows Server 2008.

First Look CorelDraw X4: Still the one to beat

Review - Corel is about to release a new version of its “Draw” graphics suite, which is one of the very few remaining complete graphics suites on the market. Now in its 14th generation, it hasn’t lost its original look and feel and remains the most convincing PC graphics product for ambitious consumers and graphic artists.