Mozilla says Firefox 3 Beta 5 is “fastest Firefox ever”

Firefox 3 is approaching is completion date with the third beta version being published this year. The latest release, Beta 5, shows improved integration into Windows, Mac OS X as well as Linux and has received a substantial speed boost.

Google Docs go offline

Google announced this week that it is now allowing users to access their files in Google Docs, an online suite of Microsoft Office-type software, even when they don't have Internet access.  The functionality comes as an extension of Google Gears, which lets users create a hard copy of every website they visit so they can view it later when they're offline.

Adobe joins Linux Foundation

Adobe announced today that it has joined the Linux Foundation, a move that is seen as a triumph for supporters of open-source platforms.  Kick-starting its Linux push, Adobe has released an alpha version of Adobe Air for Linux operation systems, allowing developers to use standards like Adobe's Flash and Flex in Internet programs.San Jose (CA) - Adobe announced today that it has joined the Linux Foundation, a move that is seen as a triumph for supporters of open-source platforms.

Next Windows Search to have PC-to-PC search, increased speed

Microsoft has posted a handful of details about the new version of Windows Search, allowing users more control over finding documents and programs hidden in their hard drive.  Microsoft's Vista operating system made Windows Search more accessible with one-click searching over the entire computer.  The next-gen version of the feature, Windows Search 4.0, will bring more enhancements.

YouTube Insights gives users metrics for their videos

Photoshop now online: The best spin on an old idea so far

Adobe has launched a Beta version of Photoshop Express, a new online photo editing, storing and sharing service that is offered as a free version with limited room for pictures. Behind a fancy interface, Adobe has created what easily could be the best version of any online image editing and management service currently available.

New Everest benchmark covers AMD Phenom Tri-Core and Intel Six-Core

Vista service pack installers heap criticism on Microsoft

Google's visualization API goes after Microsoft's cash-cow

Google Apps just got much more attractive with a new visualization API that lets users create graphics around data that is included in text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. This major extension is yet another threat for Microsoft, especially its Office suite, and another sign that Google is getting much more serious about becoming an application provider. 

Microsoft releases download of Vista SP1

After more than four weeks of Vista SP1 release chatter, Microsoft officially announced today the availability of the Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista.   Here is a quick overview of what is included and what to expect from the package, which includes 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) support.

Corel upgrades WinDVD with DVD upscaling, BD-Video profile 1.1

Safari 3.1 adds HTML 5 audio and video tags

A new version of the Safari web browser for MacOS X and Windows platforms made its debut today. Following right after the first beta release of IE8 and a critical beta release of Firefox 3, Apple says Safari 3.1 is faster than its competition and is the first browser to add support for HTML 5 audio and video tags.

Browse the sky in your … browser

Google is has begun offering Sky, which made its debut in August of last year as part of Earth 4.2, as an application that can be displayed by regular web browsers. Most of the functionality has been ported, including a search that, according to Google, covers 100 million stars and 200 million galaxies.

Next Windows OS reportedly set for 2010

The seventh generation of Microsoft's operating system software is scheduled for a release in the year 2010.  According to Softpedia, development of Windows 7 began on the release of Windows Vista. "We are currently in the planning stages for Windows 7 and development is scoped to three years from Windows Vista Consumer GA. The specific release date will be determined once the company meets its quality bar for release," said a Microsoft spokesperson to Softpedia.

Corel to move Minnesota R&D work to Taiwan

Firefox 3 Beta 4 reveals difference in design philosophy to IE8

Mozilla has just released the fourth beta version of its next-generation browser. You can’t help but comparing this new Firefox to Microsoft’s recently released beta version of Internet Explorer 8 and if you closely, the differences are dramatic from a user perspective. While security was the selling point in both Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7, added convenience and performance are clearly the headlines for these new browsers. And both browsers reveal a very different design philosophy and understanding what additional convenience features will be appreciated by users.

Microsoft to ODF: We want to be friends, really

Just in case you had any doubts whether Microsoft was serious about its document interoperability intentions or not, the company today announced the Document Interoperability Initiative, which promises to promote user choice among document formats. A new translator between ODF and Open XML was also released today.

Microsoft announces IE 8 beta, Silverlight 2 beta

Microsoft will be releasing the first beta of its next-generation browser as well as a beta of the second version of the Flash competitor Silverlight today.

Can Singularity heal Microsoft’s Windows Vista wounds?

In Depth - As much as Microsoft hyped its Vista operating system, its success is rather underwhelming so far. But the company is developing a new operating from scratch – a software that takes a new approach in the battle against viruses and will be able to run on many-core processors and take advantage of GPGPUs. A first version of the code was made available today.

Office online extensions now available as free beta

If you have been wondering how Microsoft expects you to use its Office suite in the future, here’s your chance to have a look into the future. Office Live Workspace Beta went online today and you are invited to take a test drive free of charge. The big question will be: Is Office Live Workspace compelling enough to convince users to shell out extra money every year?