Photoshop to get GPU and physics acceleration

GPU acceleration is one of the most significant trends in today hardware industry, opening the doors to an entirely new class of software. It appears that the next Photoshop will be one of the first mainstream applications that will tap into the GPU for a speed up. And, at least from what we have seen during a first demonstration, the progress is simply stunning.

Microsoft to add PDF, ODF support to Office 2007

Microsoft announced that it will extend the file format range supported by its Office 2007 package. ODF 1.1, PDF 1.5 and XPS will be added with the next service pack, but the integration of Microsoft’s own and recently standardized Office Open XML will be delayed until Office 14.

Photoshop Express gets Flickr integration

Nvidia takes cautious first step into graphics-accelerated mainstream programming

Back when we first saw the capabilities of Nvidia’s CUDA technology and Tesla acceleration cards, it was clear to us that the company had all the tools necessary to change the way we use computers today – the enormous computing horsepower of graphics cards open up possibilities we have talked about for some time, but didn’t think were possible in the foreseeable future. The company now challenges developers for the first time to exploit the hidden potential graphics cards in a mainstream application.

Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 available for download

It’s time to start your downloading as Mozilla has released a brand new pre-release version of the upcoming Firefox 3 browser.  Release Candidate 1 is available for Macs, Linux and of course Windows machines in an amazing 45 languages.

Apture: The Birth of a New Google?

Analyst Opinion - Living in Silicon Valley has its advantages.  One of them is that every once in a while a company like Netscape or Google pops up which threatens to change dramatically the way we do certain things.  I ran into such a company recently. It is called Apture and it could have the technology to change the way how we hyperlink and or embed pictures or graphs into Internet content.

Flash player 10 adds 3D support

Microsoft deals Office Service Pack for Mac

Microsoft has unveiled its first Service Pack for the Mac version of Office 2008, adding new features and security enhancements to the Apple-specific release of the productivity software suite.  A couple of the bugs that pertain to all Office products were that text boxes and certain shapes would periodically mess up a file, and when copying an Office 2008 file into an Office 2004 program the software would freeze.  Service Pack 1 patches these issues.

Firefox 3 RC 1 released to closed beta testing

Mountain View (CA) – Mozilla announced on Saturday that it has put the finishing touches on the Release Candidate 1 code of Firefox 3. The developers are optimistic that RC1 is pretty much the final code of the new browser: If there are no unexpected bugs, RC1 will turn into Firefox 3.

CyberLink expects to bundle BD software with TSST drives

Windows XP SP3 wreaking havoc on HP and AMD machines

Office 2007 SP1 to be released to automatic update in mid-June

Microsoft continues its practice to announce Office service packs that are scheduled to become available via Microsoft Update automatic distribution at least 30 days in advance. SP1 for Office 2007 has been released in December of last year and is now ready to be distributed via the company’s Automatic Update service.

Valve's Source Engine, Steam coming to Linux

Microsoft releases anti-anti-activation patch for Vista

Windows Vista hits sales of 140 million

More than 140 million Vista licenses have now been sold, which averages out to around three copies every second since it went on sale last January.  "That's a very rapid sales rate," said Bill Gates in a news conference, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Hidden OS X feature: Twitter integration

YouTube videos connect with iTunes

Apple and Google are getting more cozy in a deal that promotes the purchase of iTunes videos: Links to iTunes videos have begun appearing next to certain YouTube videos. Apple has played with this strategy before and put iTunes links in some social networking sites as part of the iTunes referral program.

Windows XP SP3 now available

After a series of delays, Microsoft has released the Service Pack 3 for Windows XP late Tuesday. The 544.9 MB update can now be downloaded from Microsoft’s servers.

Xobni beta app is ultimate MS Outlook utility

Xobni (that’s inbox spelled backwards) has released a free utility that promises to be the ultimate add-on for Microsoft Outlook – and from initial testing we wholeheartedly agree.  Emails are a double-edged sword for many, sure they are easy to type and quickly sent, but you can easily drown in the deluge of replies.  The Xobni app cuts through this clutter by indexing all your emails and then giving a column of all your attachments, conversations and other information, all neatly organized by sender/receiver.

Valve releases Steamworks SDK free of charge