Adobe adds new features to Photoshop Express

Adobe has updated its free online image editing and sharing service Photoshop Express (PE) with new features such as drag-and-drop image uploading, tagging, one-click resizing presets, improved printing options, music tracks, refreshed web galleries and an integration with an online photo printing service.

Sun previews JavaFX

Sun Microsystems released today a preview version of JavaFX, a set of tools to create Java-based Internet applications. The first full version of JavaFX for Desktop is set for delivery this fall. JavaFX for Mobile is expected to debut next spring.

Microsoft’s Project Mojave: Changing the perceptions of Windows Vista

Analyst Opinion - Microsoft just released videos of the “Mojave Experiment”, which basically was a survey session aiming to convince a bunch of folks that Windows Vista is not as bad as they may have heard: People with a negative opinion about the software were shown what they thought was the next generation of Windows code-named Mojave. They loved this product and raved about it, only to find they were actually shown Vista. 

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0: 64-bit power under Windows and OS X

Adobe today announced Lightroom 2.0, Adobe’s first native 64-bit application using OS X Cocoa APIs. The new version of the workflow and photo management software, is first out of the gate in this discipline, ahead of Aperture, Apple's own photography post-production application that remains at 32-bit for now.

Leaked memo offers a peek inside Steve Ballmer's head

The Microsoft CEO has Apple, Yahoo and Google in his sights and will deliver a $300 million ad campaign to address any lingering doubts about Vista. He will try to copy-cat Apple's vertically integrated approach; turn Microsoft into the leading enterprise software company in the world, and squash Linux. He will push into subscription software services and will make sure that the cloud remains an extension of desktop applications, not a replacement. He stressed that Microsoft is still after search, against Google, with or without Yahoo. To show that he means business, he let one of his key generals leave, split his division into two and reshuffled executives. This is the summary of Steve Ballmer's leaked memo aimed at boosting his troops' morale. It also offers unique insight into Steve Ballmer's new head. Still as shiny as the old one, but perhaps a little wiser, and maybe more determined. Or, have we heard it all before?

Facebook Connect: laying the seeds for revolution

Facebook Connect is an example of hope dangled within reach. The question is, once you give people a taste of this kind of freedom, won’t they want more? More means my data isn't my stuff anymore. It doesn’t belong to Facebook, MySpace, Google, or anyone else for that matter. It just sits out there for everyone to mess with. My privacy cannot be protected by a Privacy Policy. This kind of rush to interoperability, openness, and the platform of social networking are threatening my libertarian values.

Gmail going both ways in six weeks

Gears is one of the lesser known technologies from Google but people who live in the cloud have found it invaluable to bridge the divide between offline and online applications. The technology enables offline functionality in Gears-enabled web applications, meaning you can continue to use both web application and your online content while you are not connected to the Internet. The search giant currently offers offline functionality in Reader and Google Docs but Gmail and Google Calendar are next.

Survey predicts upgrade disaster for Windows Vista

Microsoft painted a rosy picture of increasing Windows Vista demand during its most recent quarter conference call, but the reality may look different, if the results of a survey of systems management appliance is somewhat correct: Apparently, six out of ten IT Managers have no plans to replace an older Windows operating system with Vista and almost all say that the recently released Service Pack 1 did not change their opinion and almost half of respondents said that they may be considering other operating systems as alternatives to Windows Vista. Is Microsoft gambling the huge enterprise client market away?

Microsoft looks AARP right in the eye

Opinion - Vista is to Microsoft as heart bypass surgery is to the old. Yes, it will keep you alive, but it’ll suck the life out of you in the process. There was a time when there were people who knew how to make a personal computer. You would have thought that Microsoft would know, but Vista proves that they don’t get it. On the other hand, nature abhors a vacuum, unless it is a Dyson, so where are the new computer makers? Is anyone going to make a computer to replace the comatose PC?

Apple says sorry again and gives away another free month of MobileMe

Last week, Apple offered customers that were hit with performance issues of the fancy new service one month of free service. This week, the company follows up and offers another free month to those affected by outrageous preauthorization charges for free trial accounts. It appears that MobileMe is finally back on track.

The iPhone finally pwned, but still locked

It took just ten days of iPhone 3G availability until the iPhone Dev Team announced the release of its PwnageTool 2.0, which enables iPhone owners to jailbreak the device’s 2.0 firmware. However, don't get too excited as the group has not yet found a way to unlock the iPhone 3G from AT&T’s network.

MobileMe update: What is still missing and incomplete

If you have been using the MobileMe free trial or paid membership since day one, then you know that the service did not have an exactly stellar launch. Now that the most annoying service issues have been resolved, we were able to take a closer look at what is missing, what is not working and which features we can hope to see with future service updates.

Apple says sorry and gives away a month of MobileMe for free

Apple's new MobileMe cloud service has been hit with a series of unexpected performance and reliability issues that spoiled the Friday launch. While the company struggles to iron out various issues it is finally stepping forward to acknowledge problems. In an email letter sent out to all MobileMe users, Apple says that the .Mac to MobileMe transition was "a lot rockier than we had hoped."

MobileMe free trial accounts not free after all?

Apple’s MobileMe payment processing system is causing frustration among users as increasing number of people around the world report that they are being charged the full membership fee or  more for supposedly free trial accounts. The support team of the company appears to be overwhelmed by the problem and is delaying replies to angry emails from customers.

MobileMe live, accounts now available

After initial hiccups, Apple's new online service MobileMe is now live. Dubbed "Exchange for the rest of us", the service delivers push email, contacts, calendars and bookmarks to Mac/PC and iPhone/iPod touch devices and keeps data in sync.

Windows 3.11 to disappear in November (really)

Build your own search engine: Yahoo spices up search API

Yahoo is offering a re-engineered version of its search API that allows individuals and organizations to create their own search engines based on Yahoo’s technology. The new Build-your-On-Search-Service (BOSS) removes annoying limitations from the previous API and even enables developers to reconfigure the ranking of search results an change the way search results are presented. And yes, the engine is still provided free of charge.

The second coming of Vista: Microsoft strikes back

Analyst Opinion - Unless you have been living under a rock, you already know that Microsoft’s latest operating system has not been a big success. Apple takes great pleasure in Microsoft’s struggles and has been rolling a competitive campaign that not only makes fun of the product, but appears to make fun of Microsoft’s founder as well, typically not in a very nice way. As you might imagine, Microsoft employees don’t find this situation pleasant and Steve Ballmer, who both runs Microsoft and considers Bill Gates one of his closest friends, is less than amused.   

Google Lively: A new spin on an old topic

Google has discovered the world of avatars and launched a new 3D environment that has its origins in, you may have guessed it, one of the company’s 20% projects. You can use your Google login to create a virtual character to interact and chat with other users. Virtual rooms can be easily embedded into websites.

Adobe Flash Player 10 beta: hardware-accelerated eye-candy

Santa Jose (CA) - With Flash Player 10, Adobe is taking Flash-powered web applications to the next level, with eye-candy visual effects, 3D graphics, After Effects-like custom filters and advanced text layout capabilities. The player offloads most rendering tasks to the graphics card so eye-candy should come with little performance penalty.