Top 10 celebrities for Microsoft’s Windows Vista campaign

Opinion – Microsoft has a tough time these days. First we complain that they don’t react to Apple’s mean and insulting Mac vs. Vista commercials and then nobody appears to like Microsoft’s choice for a spokesperson, Jerry Seinfeld (we do agree that this is a strange choice.) But we do not want to simply criticize Microsoft – criticism always should offer solutions and this is exactly what we wanted to do. Here are our top 10 choices for Microsoft’s anti-Apple campaign.

Windows 7 = Vista SE?

Opinion – Ok, so we adjusted our hopes that Windows 7 will not become that revolutionary operating system we hoped it would be. But the ongoing flow of news suggests that we should downgrade our expectations even further, as Microsoft’s recently updated server roadmap indicates that there will not be a Windows 7 server, suggesting that Windows 7 indeed will not be what Microsoft would call a major operating system release. Sounds to me like Windows 98 SE all over again.

Microsoft’s Project Mojave: Changing the perceptions of Windows Vista

Analyst Opinion - Microsoft just released videos of the “Mojave Experiment”, which basically was a survey session aiming to convince a bunch of folks that Windows Vista is not as bad as they may have heard: People with a negative opinion about the software were shown what they thought was the next generation of Windows code-named Mojave. They loved this product and raved about it, only to find they were actually shown Vista. 

Facebook Connect: laying the seeds for revolution

Facebook Connect is an example of hope dangled within reach. The question is, once you give people a taste of this kind of freedom, won’t they want more? More means my data isn't my stuff anymore. It doesn’t belong to Facebook, MySpace, Google, or anyone else for that matter. It just sits out there for everyone to mess with. My privacy cannot be protected by a Privacy Policy. This kind of rush to interoperability, openness, and the platform of social networking are threatening my libertarian values.

Microsoft looks AARP right in the eye

Opinion - Vista is to Microsoft as heart bypass surgery is to the old. Yes, it will keep you alive, but it’ll suck the life out of you in the process. There was a time when there were people who knew how to make a personal computer. You would have thought that Microsoft would know, but Vista proves that they don’t get it. On the other hand, nature abhors a vacuum, unless it is a Dyson, so where are the new computer makers? Is anyone going to make a computer to replace the comatose PC?

The second coming of Vista: Microsoft strikes back

Analyst Opinion - Unless you have been living under a rock, you already know that Microsoft’s latest operating system has not been a big success. Apple takes great pleasure in Microsoft’s struggles and has been rolling a competitive campaign that not only makes fun of the product, but appears to make fun of Microsoft’s founder as well, typically not in a very nice way. As you might imagine, Microsoft employees don’t find this situation pleasant and Steve Ballmer, who both runs Microsoft and considers Bill Gates one of his closest friends, is less than amused.   

Outrage over physics drivers: Is Nvidia guilty?

Opinion - When we published an article detailing Nvidia's advantage in 3DMark Vantage, we had a good feeling that data might spark some controversy. Using GPU for physics calculation in a CPU benchmark highly suspicious thing in any way you look at it. And in fact, it all appeared that Nvidia has been caught with its hands in a cookie jar. Finger-pointing was the result, but as it turns out, there are always two sides to the story and the benchmark maker has an entirely different opinion. 

Do we really need Cinema 2.0?

Opinion – AMD pitches an enticing idea that takes advantage of the massive horsepower hidden in the company’s graphics card. A second generation cinema, could the result, merging convincing cinematic digital effects with real time interactivity. But we wonder how successful such a Cinema 2.0, as AMD calls it, could be.

Comparing Apple and Microsoft keynotes and Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard

Analyst Opinion - You really don’t get a sense for Microsoft’s breadth of products unless you attend an event like TechEd.  At the conference you are introduced and trained on a product list longer than your arm only to realize that TechEd basically represents only one division of the company. The respective keynotes of Steve Jobs and Bob Muglia, who runs Microsoft’s server and tools business, are showcasing the fundamental differences between the two companies. 

Why Firefox 3 matters

Review – According to Mozilla, Firefox 3 final is just days away from its release and there is every indication that the RC2 released today may actually represent the final version of the browser. That was reason enough for us to give Firefox 3 RC2 a thorough test drive and single out the most important  improvements you can expect over Firefox 2.0.x.

Apture: The Birth of a New Google?

Analyst Opinion - Living in Silicon Valley has its advantages.  One of them is that every once in a while a company like Netscape or Google pops up which threatens to change dramatically the way we do certain things.  I ran into such a company recently. It is called Apture and it could have the technology to change the way how we hyperlink and or embed pictures or graphs into Internet content.

The California fires: Why backup and recovery should be your top priority now

Analyst Opinion - One of the things we simply do not think enough about is backup and recovery. We can put much of our lives on a disk that can easily fit in our pocket but I’m willing to bet there are a lot of people in California who are wishing they had done backups right now as their memories are mostly lost forever.

UPDATE #2: Vista is the most un-user friendly operating system

Opinion - Vista has the capability of turning a multi-thousand dollar piece of equipment, and turning it into a brick.  UPDATE: Response to commenters.  UPDATE #2: Information about previous OS experience.

How to lose your digital life in 20 minutes

Opinion - Ever since my first days as a tech journalist, I have been preaching about the importance of backups. But even if you diligently backup your precious data, disaster can strike any moment and it doesn’t hurt to have a recovery strategy in place, even if you are not the CIO of a billion dollar corporation.

SCO, Linux and Rob Enderle: A Conclusion

Opinion – SCO's battle against Linux is coming to an end, as SCO is currently counted down like a boxer who is realizing that he just may have lost his last fight and it's time to quit. But there are several loose ends to the SCO-Linux story, one of them being how Rob Enderle ended up in the middle of this battle. TG Daily asked him to reflect on the events from a few years ago and last week. Here is what he has to say.

Microsoft vs. EU: Expecting the unexpected

Analyst Opinion - One thing you learn over time is if you get a government agency involved in a competitive dispute, the outcome may not be what you expect and the amount of time to get some sort of a result may exceed your companies’ lifetime.

Skype outage: An unprecedented wake-up call

Opinion - There are certain pieces of technology that in today's world we all pretty much rely on. Cellphones, PDAs, notebooks, the Internet. Whenever any of these are down, our lives are notably impacted. For many, the world of IM/VoIP is just such a tool. When Skype went down without a warning and has stayed down for over 36 hours, many users are beginning to think it's a bit much – and unacceptable.

Safari: Do we really need another Web browser?

Opinion - The beta release of a Windows version of Apple's Safari browser made a lot of waves this week, but in the bigger picture of a software market already well defined, Safari is really more of a muted splash.

Microsoft Surface: What Media Center should have been - analyst opinion

When I was briefed on Surface (previously code-named Milan) a few days ago, I was incredibly impressed. Having gotten used to disappointments like Origami, Zune, and even the Media Center PC where Microsoft didn’t actually finish the offering, this product was a breath of fresh air, largely because it was complete.

Are you in for a Daylight Savings Time surprise?

Applying the Daylight Savings Time to a single PC isn't such a big deal, but it has been discussed as a big event in the industry.