Satya Nadella only has to do one thing to succeed

If the new Microsoft CEO wants to truly make the $300 billion giant relevant again then he has to focus on one simple task and produce one product to cream Google, Facebook, Apple and anyone else who dares to doubt the Redmond giant.

3 Online Businesses That Google Is Going To Destroy

Reports are out that Google is revamping its services to allow search users to find flights, and buy tickets in a broad approach unmatched by the average travel site. 

Linux geezers need fresh meat

Open saucers have a breeding problem. The generation of those who started developing Linux and similar software are getting old and there are no over-enthusiastic young bucks seeking to take their place.

Google's Flight Search: do no evil, but kill everything in your path

What the heck is happening with Google?? They've put banner ads on the main search page even though they promised never to do so. They are supposed to provide us with the best search experience possible, and it looks like they are pretty much looking to kill Expedia and the rest of the travel sites out there. Pretty soon there won't be anyone out there to channel you deals, or price comparisons, or bookings options. Just Google. That's spooky.

Apple makes OS X Mavericks upgrade free

It has been as understated as anything is on an Apple launch day, but if you upgrade to OS X Mavericks you won't have to pay a dime. The last time I did an OS X upgrade I had to pay $19. I am free of that shackle. Is this a shot across the bow of Microsoft or is it a reaction to Google's Android? 

5 reasons to beat the death drum for TiVo

It's 16 years old, showing its age, and facing competition from the cloud. The cloud! Television ain't what it used to be.

Facebook teaming with Skype for integrated video chat?

Just days after Google launched its Google+ social project, Facebook may be about to rain on its parade.

Internet Explorer 9 could bring IE back from the dead

Internet Explorer remains the dominant Web browser because it comes as the default choice for every PC, but those who actually choose what browser they want rarely go for IE. Microsoft's latest offering may change that mindset.

Windows 8: Microsoft losing the upgrade thread

The typical two year PC upgrade cycle and Microsoft's software roadmap is not going to hold in a Web-centric app-happy world. Does Redmond get it?

Google Is The Keymaster to The Future of Computing

After Google’s successful I/O show last week new voices claim it as the new anti-Apple or a new Microsoft.

Arise Sir HTML5, Usurper of Flash

Why is anyone even bothering to debate this? HTML5 is the right path for the Web. Adobe is, well, just Adobe.

Google gets a Buzz out of trashing Twitter

The company that can do no evil has decided to see if it can get a chunk of yet more Internet real estate.

Taking a leap into search

View I am a Googler, but....

Why Apple should license Windows 7

Let's start out by saying that hell would likely freeze over before this happened...

RightNow's pre-emptive strike

Opinion: The already competitive SaaS CRM market is getting more so. At least, that's if my reading of the news coming out of RightNow Technologies Inc. annual customer conference is accurate.

Is Windows 7 too good for Apple to FUD?

Opinion: Apple was blindsided by Windows 7. It wasn’t the product which they saw coming, it was the sustaining marketing budget and positive reviews from Apple loyalists like Walt Mossberg they didn’t see (though several Mac fans have told me that Steve Jobs has taken Walt to task and he is changing his tune).

Opinion: Ditching Windows has never felt so good

Microsoft has launched yet another iteration of its infamous Windows operating system. Fortunately, I have chosen to opt out of the Microsoft universe and am well on my way to becoming a loyal disciple of the venerable Saint Stephen Jobs.

Insecurity leads to fascism

Opinion: This weekend we were treated to two yarns from security experts whose main role appears to be making a living from people's fears. Both reveal a considerable amount about the mindset of the anti-virus market.

Analysts spout crap, charge megabucks

Opinion: Analysts are just journalists in sharp suits who only have to write two stories a year for their $250K salaries. And just because you have to pay through the nose to read their words of wisdom doesn’t magically make them any more right than the lowliest trainee hack on Graphics Card Weekly.

Windows, users, guns and stupidity

Opinion: Our earlier story on how fast or slow Windows 7 boots and shuts down has attracted some critical acclaim and some critical unacclaim from people who obviously didn’t bother to read the story before posting a comment on it.