MySpace launches instant messaging app

The world’s most popular social networking site MySpace has officially launched a beta instant messaging application.

Microsoft to allow third-party desktop search in Vista

Microsoft has agreed to change how Vista does its desktop search in response to a complaint by Google.

Microsoft dumps Digital Image software

Microsoft's answer to Adobe Photoshop Elements has been axed, mainly because all of the features it offered are integrated into Windows Vista.

Linux Skype gets pushed up to 1.4 Beta

Skype has released a new beta version of its voice-over IP software for Linux users, bringing new features to the open source platform for the first time.

Microsoft’s IPTV platform gets some upgrades and a new name

Chicago (IL) – Microsoft introduced a new version of its IPTV platform, which is now called “Mediaroom”.

Apple demonstrates “near final” Vista beater

San Francisco (CA) – Apple today took the wraps off a refreshed and almost complete new version of MacOS X: “Leopard”, widely perceived as Apple’s answer to Windows Vista, introduced several new and is on track to launch in October. After a surprising delay of the operating system, Apple has delivered on its promise to show what the company calls a “near final” version of MacOS X 10.5, commonly referred to as “Leopard”.

iPhone to support third-party Web 2.0 applications

Apple has taken first steps to create a developer community around its upcoming iPhone platform.

Apple announces Safari 3 browser for Windows

San Francisco (CA) – Apple today introduced the third generation of its Safari browser for Windows and Mac computers at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Joining the browser battle on the Windows PC, Apple today released a beta version of Safari 3, which the company claims is the fastest browser available. According to the company, Safari can render web pages twice as fast as IE7 and up to 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2.

Adobe gives Apollo a breath of fresh AIR

Apollo today announced several new features for “Apollo,” an application runtime that aims to provide a software bridge between operating systems, and introduced the brand name for the technology: AIR.

New Netscape browser makes debut

Reminding everyone that it's still in the browser game, Netscape has released a beta version of Netscape Navigator 9.0.

DivX Pro available for free

In an unexpected promotion, DivX today is offering free downloads and serial keys to customers who want DivX Pro, a video codec that normally costs around $20.

Apple sends Boot Camp to 1.3 beta

Apple has updated its Boot Camp software to a beta test of version 1.3, adding new MacBook Pro support, updating graphics drivers, and more to the Mac-powered Windows application.

Mozilla puts green light on Firefox 3 Alpha 5

The latest pre-release version of Firefox 3.0 has hit the Internet, adding among other things the addition of bookmarks to the much touted "Places" feature.

Photosynth 3D image browser gets first real world app

BBC is the first company to test a commercial use of Microsoft’s Photosynth 3D image browser: Photosynth connects images in a three-dimensional way to enable interactive sightseeing on the PC screen. Extra: Slideshow

Office Live Meeting 2007 pushed up to June

Microsoft will launch the latest installment in its video conferencing software this month, adding support for virtual 360 degree conference rooms. overhauls search engine

Still clinging to life in the search engine arena, today unveiled a new slate of visual and functional updates to its search platform.

General Public License 3.0 final draft now available

The Free Software Foundation has released the final draft of the GNU General Public License 3.0, setting a timetable for the completed version by the end of June.

Google moves to offline software with Gears

Google has unveiled its first major software product that consumers can use without the need for a permanent Internet connection.

New Firefox update adds security, Vista support

Mozilla released its third update to Firefox 2.0 this week.

Microsoft adds New York to Live Search Maps

The Big Apple is getting the 3D treatment in Microsoft’s updated Live Search Map service. Extra: Image Gallery