YouTube videos connect with iTunes

Apple and Google are getting more cozy in a deal that promotes the purchase of iTunes videos: Links to iTunes videos have begun appearing next to certain YouTube videos. Apple has played with this strategy before and put iTunes links in some social networking sites as part of the iTunes referral program.

Windows XP SP3 now available

After a series of delays, Microsoft has released the Service Pack 3 for Windows XP late Tuesday. The 544.9 MB update can now be downloaded from Microsoft’s servers.

Xobni beta app is ultimate MS Outlook utility

Xobni (that’s inbox spelled backwards) has released a free utility that promises to be the ultimate add-on for Microsoft Outlook – and from initial testing we wholeheartedly agree.  Emails are a double-edged sword for many, sure they are easy to type and quickly sent, but you can easily drown in the deluge of replies.  The Xobni app cuts through this clutter by indexing all your emails and then giving a column of all your attachments, conversations and other information, all neatly organized by sender/receiver.

Microsoft Messenger 7 for Mac: Screwed up again?

After way too many small upgrades and painfully long product cycles, Microsoft's Mac Business Unit (MBU) today released the Messenger 7 for Mac. Audio calls and videoconferencing capabilities are finally available, but we can’t help to perceive this new version once again a half-baked solution.

Update: Microsoft delays Windows XP SP3

It seems that our previous story titled “SP3: A little Windows Vista for Windows XP” was a bit premature: Despite the fact that SP3 is listed in Microsoft’s Download Center, the actual download button is not. And there is a good reason for that: Microsoft said it has found a compatibility issue and therefore decided to delay the rollout of Windows XP SP3.

Apple's Boot Camp adds support for XP SP3

Apple has updated its "Boot Camp" software, which allows users to run Windows operating systems on Intel-based Mac computers, to version 2.1.1  The main change to the software upgrade is support for Windows XP Service Pack 3, a new release for the Microsoft OS that just came out for the first group of PC owners this week.

Steve Ballmer hints at possible XP extension

Microsoft CEO today said that the software company may extend the life of its previous operating system Windows XP, a glimpse of welcome news to fans of the OS and potentially seen as an admittance of Vista's slow growth.  Speaking at a news conference in Louvain-La-Neuve University in Belgium, Ballmer said, "If customer feedback varies, we can always wake up smarter."

Automatic distribution of Vista SP1 begins

Automatic updates of Microsoft’s Vista Service Pack 1 has begun.  According to the Windows Vista Team Blog, the downloads will be rolled out in phases and will be available in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.  Users can still manually download SP1 in 36 other languages through the Windows Update website.

Concurrent Programming: A solution for the multi-core programming era?

Until now, programmers have been looking up to Moore’s law to speed-up their sequential program with each subsequent processor. But due to the physical limitations in chip design, the programmers’ "free lunch" is over: Multi-core architectures – multiple CPUs on a single chip – bring improved power efficiency, while each of the cores could be slower than the latest unicore processor when running traditional applications. This not only means that the acceleration of sequentially written applications may stagnate – they might even slow-down. Rajesh Karmani discusses challenges, dead-ends and possible directions for developers.

Microsoft to try offering Office via subscription service

In an attempt to widen its horizons on productivity software, Microsoft has begun beta testing a subscription-based version of Office.  In addition to providing a more cost-effective option for buying the software suite, it could effectively end the need to upgrade to a new version every few years.

Steve Ballmer labels Vista as “work in progress”

Opinion - As if we needed any more confirmation: Steve Ballmer made official what many of us have been suspecting for more than a year. Vista isn’t final, it’s a work in progress, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. I don’t want to be much more sarcastic than this, but guys, seriously: Is it worth the effort?

Red Hat nixes desktop plans, cites Microsoft’s dominance

Red Hat is canceling its plans for a desktop operating system.  The company’s desktop team cites a dominant vendor (aka Microsoft) as the main obstacle to such an OS.  Red Hat will still develop a light-weight desktop OS for emerging markets.

XP Service Pack 3 heading out in two weeks

Original equipment manufacturers will get their hands on the new service pack for Windows XP next week, followed by a final release to all users near the end of the month.  It will be the first new service pack update for the long-running operating system in around four years.  Service Pack 2 came out in August 2004.

Stanford releases new GPU client for Folding@Home project

The Folding@Home team, headed by Vijay Panda, has released a new version of its GPU client: Folding@Home is now supporting AMD’s Radeon HD 2000 and 3000 series.

Microsoft launches advanced robotics platform

Microsoft this week released the first widely available preview version of its Robotics Developer Studio 2008, the software giant's latest advancement in the emerging robotics industry.  The preview software is available now as a free download from Microsoft's robotics website, and marks the beginning of an update to Microsoft's 2006 software product.

Adobe launches Media Player

Adobe is making its entry into what is widely called a “next-generation” TV era on the Internet. Built on the company’s AIR platform, the Media Player 1.0 launched late yesterday with an initial set of episodes and episode snippets from shows airing on major TV networks. Strangely enough, while the software is advertised as a cross-platform media player, Adobe prohibits the use of the software on any device other than desktop and notebook PCs.

Futuremark launches Google Apps-styled approach to benchmarking

More and more software manufacturers are positioning themselves for a thin-client era, typically referred to as software-as-a-service (SAAS). Futuremark is joining the frame with the release of VirtualMark, a thin version of the company’s 3DMark application.

Bill Gates says Vista successor possible next year

Bill Gates has given a possible release date of "sometime in the next year or so" for the next version of Microsoft's home operating system, Windows 7.  According to a quote from BBC, during a meeting with the Inter-American Development Bank, Gates said the Vista successor could come as early as 2009.

Windows XP to get prolonged shelf life

Microsoft has announced that it plans to extend its support of Windows XP, its nearly seven-year-old operating system, because many computers in the market today are simply unable to run Windows Vista.  With the release of Vista early last year, Microsoft had planned to stop selling XP on June 30, 2008.  Microsoft has decided to push that back because of what it calls a rise in the number of ultra low cost PCs.

Adobe working on 64-bit Photoshop for Vista

Adobe Photoshop CS4 has been in the works for a while, and the software maker today announced that it will also bring forth for the first time a 64-bit version of the photo editing program, reports Macworld.  At least initially, the high-end product will only be available for Vista owners because the programming language it's using, Carbon, is not perfectly compatible with Mac computers.