MobileMe free trial accounts not free after all?

Apple’s MobileMe payment processing system is causing frustration among users as increasing number of people around the world report that they are being charged the full membership fee or  more for supposedly free trial accounts. The support team of the company appears to be overwhelmed by the problem and is delaying replies to angry emails from customers.

MobileMe live, accounts now available

After initial hiccups, Apple's new online service MobileMe is now live. Dubbed "Exchange for the rest of us", the service delivers push email, contacts, calendars and bookmarks to Mac/PC and iPhone/iPod touch devices and keeps data in sync.

Build your own search engine: Yahoo spices up search API

Yahoo is offering a re-engineered version of its search API that allows individuals and organizations to create their own search engines based on Yahoo’s technology. The new Build-your-On-Search-Service (BOSS) removes annoying limitations from the previous API and even enables developers to reconfigure the ranking of search results an change the way search results are presented. And yes, the engine is still provided free of charge.

Google Lively: A new spin on an old topic

Google has discovered the world of avatars and launched a new 3D environment that has its origins in, you may have guessed it, one of the company’s 20% projects. You can use your Google login to create a virtual character to interact and chat with other users. Virtual rooms can be easily embedded into websites.

Adobe Flash Player 10 beta: hardware-accelerated eye-candy

Santa Jose (CA) - With Flash Player 10, Adobe is taking Flash-powered web applications to the next level, with eye-candy visual effects, 3D graphics, After Effects-like custom filters and advanced text layout capabilities. The player offloads most rendering tasks to the graphics card so eye-candy should come with little performance penalty.

A MacBook Air keyboard for your iPhone

Tired of the plain virtual keyboard on your iPhone? Here is an alternative for you: A carbon copy of the elegant black keys and glowing letters of the MacBook Air.

Are you ready to subscribe to Microsoft Office?

‘Careful’ is probably the most appropriate term to use when describing Microsoft’s introduction of a software subscription model to consumers. Transitioning users from a purchase-to-own to a rental model of its software has been discussed for many years and now such a product is officially available. To sweeten the deal, Microsoft throws in a subscription to its Windows Live One Care service.

Firefox Weave: Sync your Internet life

First Look - Wouldn't it be great to have an automated backup of your complete Firefox environment up in the cloud? What about pushing your entire browsing history, those extension settings, cookies, saved passwords and open tabs from the cloud to any number of authorized computers? What about having the same, up-to-date browsing environment on any computer around the globe? Well, it’s entirely possible: A Mozilla Labs project dubbed Weave makes it very easy to backup your browser settings and data and remain in sync wherever you go.

Adobe opens Flash to search engines, finally

There may be one more reason to create Internet content in Flash soon: Adobe said that it is working with Google and Yahoo to enable crawlers to index content currently trapped in proprietary SWF files. The collaboration is expected to result in a much more relevant search ranking of Flash content and help those sites that are betting on Flash to enhance the usability of their site.

Apple releases OS X Leopard 10.5.4 update

Apple has posted the update 10.5.4 for its Mac OS X Leopard operating system. The company promises that the update delivers security, reliability and performance enhancements, as well as the code to support the upcoming MobileMe online service that is set to debut on July 11. The company also released security updates for Tiger client and server versions, as well as the Safari 3.1.2 update for Tiger.

Microsoft updates Messenger for Mac, still no VoIP and videoconferencing

Microsoft's Mac Business Unit posted a minor update for its Messenger for Mac that features a series of bug fixes and promises to deliver improved support for enterprise environments. Unfortunately, the application still can’t make audio or video calls to users who are running the popular Windows Live Messenger on a PC.

GPU transcodes four 1080p video files in real time

It appears that graphics cards have finally found a non-gaming marketing focus: Video.

Firefox 3 downloads cross 10 million mark in less than two days

It was clear yesterday that Mozilla is likely to achieve its goal to become part of the book of Guinness World Records with the most downloaded software within 24 hours. The download pace has slowed considerably on day 2, but allowed the company to cross the 10 million mark in less than 48 hours.

Firefox hits 7.5 million downloads

If everything goes to plan, Mozilla’s record attempt for the most software downloads within 24 hours should be a done deal. Despite server problems and a mostly unreachable download page yesterday, Mozilla indicated that Firefox was downloaded 7.5 to 7.7 million times on its first day.

Firefox 3 impressions: Bigger and better in every way

Review - Firefox 3 was released yesterday and we have taken the final version on a thorough day 1 test drive. There is a boatload of tiny tweaks, a couple of major new features and a completely overhauled engine at its core are the three major selling points. Our initial take on Firefox 3 final is that that the browser accelerates web browsing and makes your online activities more enjoyable, more secure and more reliable.

Firefox 3 released

Mozilla has just released the final Firefox 3 version, which promises to deliver significant speed gains, stronger security features and increased reliability. Firefox 3 rings in a new chapter in the browser war with Microsoft, which is preparing to release Internet Explorer 8 later this year.

Top 10 reasons why you should upgrade to Firefox 3

Feature – Firefox 3 is scheduled to be released at 10 am PST today and if the organization’s Download Day website is any indication, then you may have to wait in line until you get the installation file: 1.6 million people have signed up to download their browser today. Here are our top 10 reasons why we like the new browser why we believe you should upgrade to Firefox 3 soon.  

Mozilla releases alpha version of Firefox 3.1

Mozilla plans to hold its launch party for Firefox 3.0 tomorrow. Behind the frenzy, the developers are already preparing Firefox 3.1, the first minor upgrade for the browser scheduled for a release late this year. The first alpha version of the browser, code-named Shiretoko, surfaced today.

Firefox 3 set to ship on June 17

Mozilla has set June 17 as the official release day for Firefox 3. The introduction of the new browser marks the beginning of a race for the title of the fastest browser on the market. With more than one million people already pledged to download Firefox 3 on the first day of its release, Firefox 3 could set a Guinness World Record as the most downloaded software with the first 24 hours of launch.

WWDC 2008: Safari 4 seeded to developers

Apple has given an early beta of the Safari 4 web browser to developers at its WWDC. Safari 4 promises JavaScript acceleration through the use of the latest SquirrelFish optimization technology. According to Apple, it will bring noticeable improvements in responsiveness and performance of web 2.0 sites and web applications.