Early users of Windows 8 prefer Windows 7

Early adopters of Windows 8 believe it isn't as good as Windows 7, a poll has shown.

Yes, Windows 8 still has bugs

A major firestorm erupted earlier this week after Intel CEO Paul Otellini reportedly told employees  Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system will be released before it is "fully ready."

Facebook opens online store

This Christmas, Facebook hopes, we'll all be swapping gifts using a new service allowing users to send pressies to their friends.

AMD launches BlueStacks-powered Android AppZone

BlueStacks and AMD have teamed up to launch AppZone, a curated collection of Android apps for Windows PCs.

Video: Unreal game bots pass Turing test

An artificially intelligent (AI) virtual gamer coded by University of Texas at Austin scientists recently won the prestigious BotPrize after impressing judges with its human-like abilities in Unreal Tournament 2004. 

Google Maps adds Great Barrier Reef dive sites

Google is today adding its first underwater panoramic images to Google Maps, allowing users to take a virtual dive at six of the world's most dramatic coral reefs.

Report: Intel says Windows 8 isn't "fully" ready

Intel CEO Paul Otellini reportedly told employees in Taiwan that Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is being released before it is "fully ready."

Facebook turns off facial recognition in Europe

Facebook has shuttered its facial recognition feature in Europe, following last year's report from the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.

Iran moves to block Google, plans its own private web

Iran is in the process of blocking access to Google search, Gmail and YouTube, saying it plans to introduce its own 'domestic internet'.

Conversational robots close to reality

In just two or three years, computers and robots could be having meaningful conversations with human beings,  say University of Aberdeen scientists.

Single Facebook message boosts election turnout

About a third of a million more Americans showed up at the ballot box in 2010 because of a single Facebook message on election day, say researchers at the University of California, San Diego.

Latest Apple iTunes targets the Cloud

Apple has rolled out its new iTunes app for both the Mac and PC. 

Zuckerberg pledges mobile future

Mark Zuckerberg says he's not at all happy about Facebook's share price, but believes the company's got a big future in the mobile arena.

Google Drive updated for Android & iOS

Mountain View has rolled out an updated version of its Google Drive that offers new features for both iOS and Android devices.

Facebook aims to eliminate fake 'Likes'

Facebook's cracking down on fake 'Likes', with an update to its system designed to automatically detect and remove them.

European launch for Amazon Appstore - and Kindle Fire too?

Amazon's Appstore is launching in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, in what's a pretty strong hint that the Kindle Fire will soon make it to Europe too.

Flashing your Android device and more

There are many tools available for both devs and modders to help customize Google’s versatile Android operating system.

OnLive reboots after mass layoffs

OnLive is in the process of rebooting after laying off most of its staff and forming a new venture in the context of an acquisition backed by "substantial" funding.

Twitter API changes go down badly with developers

Twitter's made changes to its API, restricting the creation of large-scale third party applications - and developers aren't at all happy about it.

Report: Smart app updates go live on Google Play

Smart app updates for Android have gone live on Google Play - promising to save users both time and bandwidth.