Tizen is the new MeeGo

The Linux Foundation and Intel have finally ditched MeeGo - the hapless operating system which was unceremoniously dropped by Nokia earlier this year.  

Mozilla optimizes memory management in Firefox 7

Mozilla has released a new version of its popular Firefox browser for Windows, Mac and Linux that optimizes memory management to accelerate web surfing. 

Google filters news with "stand-out" content tag

In yet another attempt to filter the news, Google has announced a new HTML tagging system which it hopes will prioritize original features and cut out copy-cat churn from search results.

Dead Sea Scrolls are resurrected online

Google and the Israel Museum have teamed up to place five digitized Dead Sea Scrolls online, allowing readers to view the ancient Hebrew texts in exquisite detail.

Yahoo now shows what your friends have been reading

Yahoo has linked the US version of Yahoo News with Facebook, allowing users to share articles they've read on the news site with Facebook friends.

Facebook wants to revamp social networking

As expected, Facebook made some rather sweeping changes and additions to its popular social network today at the company's F8 conference in San Francisco.

Twitter gets political

Twitter is apparently gearing up to sell political advertising as the popular site attempts to capitalize on its current status as a hub of political discourse.

Analyst: Facebook needs its own OS

An industry analyst says he believes Facebook will eventually find itself coding an indigenous operating system to optimize support for mobile versions of the popular site.

Google+ opens to the masses

Google's popular social networking platform is now open to the masses - and does not require a specially sent invite to join.

Google adds celebrity endorsements to search results

It's always difficult to know what to buy without the help of reality TV stars. So Google is planning to help out its users by tipping them off when a celebrity's endorsed a product they're interested in.

Facebook to tick social boxes with live content ticker

In a move to ward off attack from Google's G+ service, Facebook is expected to launch a new live-stream ticker service on Thursday which will show what users are watching and listening to on the web.

Other sites can compete with Facebook - in Asia

Yes, there is Google+ and MySpace, but don't you ever get the feeling that Facebook is the only happening social networking site in town?

Adobe Flash banned in Windows Metro IE10

Microsoft has confirmed that Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) will not be supporting Adobe Flash in its upcoming Windows 8 Metro environment - a UI which has been specifically optimized to run on tablet devices.

Facebook adds 'Follow' - sorry, 'Subscribe' - button

Facebook's swiped an idea from Twitter and has introduced a new 'subscribe' button, allowing users to focus on the news they're most interested in and also follow celebrities.

Ballmer says Windows 8 is all about the cloud

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told developers attending BUILD that Windows 8 would be a "re-imagining" of Redmond's flagship operating system, with every other product "pivoting" around the long-awaited OS.

Google Flight Search ready for takeoff

Google's started to put to good use the technology it acquired with its purchase of travel software company ITA earlier this year.

Google says users can opt out of location mapping

With European regulators still grumbling over Google's privacy practices, the company is now to allow owners of residential Wifi routers to opt out of its controversial location-mapping system.

Facebook improves barely-used Friends Lists

Facebook's taking another leaf out of Google's book, by introducing a feature that automatically groups friends into different circles.

Intel: We're not interested in buying HP's PC unit

Intel CEO Paul Otellini made short work of a persistent rumor that the chip firm may buy Hewlett Packard's recently spun-off PC unit during a Q&A session at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

Microsoft showcases Windows 8 at BUILD

Microsoft kicked off its BUILD conference in Anaheim, California, by showcasing a detailed preview of Windows 8 to eager devs.