Egypt is this year's top Twitter hashtag

This year, the world was most interested in Egypt and Charlie Sheen, according to Twitter's annual report on the top trending hashtags.

Man hacks Siri for home automation tool

An Australian man has hacked Apple's Siri voice assistant to turn it into a home automation controller.

Is Siri anti-choice?

Rights groups have criticized Apple for omitting to give the Siri voice assistant information on abortion and birth control.

Google revamps search bar

After redesigning the Gmail and Reader interfaces, Google's now turned its attention to Search.

Search engine aims to give power to the people

Five years in the making, a new 'uncensorable' search engine has launched.

Tor asks Amazon cloud users to help boost bandwidth

The Onion Router (Tor) anonymization network is asking users for help to improve bandwidth.

Computer system can tell when it's boring you

A Spanish team says it's developed a system that allows a machine to recognize a person’s emotional state and take it into account during conversation.

Occupy Flash wants to kill browser plug-in

In a blatant example of bandwagon-jumping, a group of developers opposed to Adobe's Flash plug-in web browser has decided to call itself 'Occupy Flash'.

How to make a Facebook-to-Facebook video call in Skype

Sure, we all know that Facebook video calling - launched in July - is powered by Skype. But now you can make a Facebook-to-Facebook video call from within Skype itself.

Google lets users opt out of geolocation database

Google's announced an opt-out for Wifi users, allowing them to remove their home networks from the company's geolocation database.

Software tracks athletes for 'robot sportscasters'

Researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne have come up with an algorithm that can track all the players in a sports match, and say it could soon appear at international competitions.

Google launches job search tools for military vets

Google's aiming to do its bit for unemployed military veterans with the launch of a series of tools to help them find jobs.

Adobe scraps mobile Flash

Adobe's reported to have halted development of Flash Player for browsers on mobile devices.

Mozilla rolls out Firefox 8

Mozilla has officially rolled out Firefox 8 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. 

The update boasts new features designed to facilitate easier web browsing, while offering users more control over their online experience.

The future of webOS is unclear

Hewlett Packard (HP) is reportedly being advised by Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the corporation decides whether to retain or sell its webOS software platform.

Juniper router bug knocks websites offline

Websites across Europe and North America went down yesterday, apparently thanks to a problem with Juniper routers.

Businesses get invited to Google+

Mountain View has rolled out Google+ Pages for local businesses and global brands.

Ford moves to improve MyFord Touch digital interface

After a year of customer gripes about its MyFord Touch car interface, Ford is promising major improvements.

Android add-on monitors eyewitness reports

With eye-witness reports and photos taking such a prominent part in the recent middle-Eastern uprisings, Duke University scientists have found a way to guarantee their authenticity.

Algorithm changes to affect third of Google searches

Google's altered its search ranking algorithm to push newer results closer to the top, in a move likely to affect around a third of searches.