Nvidia hella loves Android (and Windows 8)

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has seen the future of mobile devices - and it is Google's versatile Android operating system.

AT&T wants Watson in your car

AT&T  is working with partners to bring its Watson speech engine to connected vehicles.

Terrorists recruiting through Facebook, prof claims

Be careful who you friend: an Israeli researcher is claiming that international terrorist organizations are increasingly focusing on social media as a way of drumming up support.

Eye-control add-on for Windows 8 launched

A controller developed for Microsoft's new Windows 8 OS uses eye-tracking to control the cursor, and blinking to substitute for a mouse-click.

Google demotes own site after paid post blunder

Google's been forced to demote its own Chrome site in search results, after it was found to be using techniques to boost its page rank that fell foul of its own rules.

Hack brings iOS apps to Apple TV

Most will agree that one of the best things about the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices are the wealth of apps to suit just about any need the user may have.

Google+ membership shows December spurt

Google+ now has more than 62 million registered users and is adding more at the rate of 625,000 a month.

Twitter use spread through face-to-face 'contagion'

Ironically, Twitter use took off across the US bacause of traditional face-to-face interaction, an MIT study shows.

How to hang onto your Facebook friends

If you're wondering why someone's unfriended you on Facebook, it's probably because you've posted something that's upset them.

Data mining tool is 'hypothesis generator'

Researchers at Harvard University and MIT's Broad Institute have developed a data mining tool that can detect meaningful patterns in vast data sets.

Google wins patent for self-driving cars

Google's won a patent relating to driverless cars, showing just how close to widespread acceptance the technology is.

Google lets iOS users doodle on their emails

Google's updated its native Gmail app for Apple's iOS, adding custom signatures and the ability to add doodles to emails.

Google encourages gawpers with updated Street View of Japan

Well, that's tasteful. In Germany, Google allows residents to remove their homes from Street View - but in Japan, it's giving the owners of piles of rubble no such option.

Google wants your games in its Chrome browser

Google is moving forward with plans to evolve its flagship Chrome browser into a viable, OS agnostic gaming platform.

Twitter redesigns to take on Facebook

Twitter's had a major redesign, aimed at making it faster, easier to navigate - and more attractive to advertisers.

Facebook lists 2011 top topics

Well, yesterday we discovered what people have been tweeting about all year; and today, we find that Facebook users are a shallower bunch than Twitter users.

Iran blocks US 'virtual embassy' within a day

The US has launched a 'virtual embassy' for Iran, after decades without a real one - but has seen it blocked by the government almost immediately.

Android Market hits 10 billion downloads

The Android Market still has quite a ways to go before it catches up with Apple's iOS App Store, but 10 billion app downloads is quite an impressive achievement for Google.

OccupyWallStreet gets an inhuman microphone

A team of mobile devs has coded an "Inhuman Microphone" for supporters of the rapidly growing OccupyWallStreet (OWS) movement.

Is Windows 8 irrelevant?

Windows 8, which runs on both ARM and x86 (AMD/Intel) chips, is perhaps one of the most hotly anticipated OS upgrades in recent memory.