Google imposes controversial privacy policy

Despite fierce opposition - and a request for delay from the EU - Google has gone ahead with its planned changes to the company privacy policy.

Twitter sells your old tweets - location and all

It might be time to start deleting those old tweets - because they're up for sale.

Facebook profiles predict job success

Next time you're hiring, forget personality tests - just check out the applicant's Facebook profile instead. It's not just a good way of evaluating candidates, it seems, it's actually one of the best.

Russian search engine to offer Twitter feed

Russia's leading search engine, Yandex, has teamed up with Twitter to offer the full firehose of public tweets worldwide.

Mozilla’s Firefox is going Metro

The Mozilla Foundation is coding a specialized version of its flagship Firefox browser for Microsoft Windows 8 Metro. 

What you can expect from Windows 8 on ARM

Microsoft exec Steven Sinofsky explains what devs and end-users can expect from Windows 8 on ARM (WOA) devices as Redmond preps the first RISC-friendly versions of its flagship OS.

Google users sell their privacy cheaply

An offer from Google to pay users up to $25 to give up their privacy has been swamped by takers.

Italian prof launches social search service

An Italian professor whose research inspired the creators of Google now reckons he can go one better.

Google introduces country-specific takedowns for Blogger blogs

Google is following Twitter's lead in introducing a country-by-country blocking system for its Blogger blogs.

Quarter of tweets 'not worth reading'

A quarter? Seriously, only a quarter? But that's the proportion of tweets that Twitter users say are a waste of time.

Buck up and stop whingeing on Facebook

People with low self-esteem tend to make themselves pretty unlikeable on Facebook, new research shows.

Windows 8 is ready for ARM

Microsoft has reportedly finished coding a stable version (or possibly versions) of Windows 8 for ARM-powered mobile chips, such as those manufactured by industry heavyweights Nvidia, Qualcomm and TI.

Google Earth fills in the gaps

If you are a big fan of Google Earth, you will definitely appreciate the new update. Yes, version 6.2 of the popular app ditches all the gaps you normally have to deal when exploring the planet.

Almost nobody wants Facebook Timeline

Only one in twelve Facebook users is in favor of the company's Timeline feature, shortly to become compulsory for all.

Google+ now open to teenagers

Google+ is now open for the over-13s to join, bringing the social network in line with rivals Facebook and MySpace.

Twitter reveals new censorship plans

Twitter's announced that it can now selectively delete tweets in particular countries, allowing it to comply with individual censorship regimes while leaving offending tweets visible in the rest of the world.

HP promises open WebOS by September

HP's announced its timetable for making its WebOS open source, delivering on plans announced late last year.

Google+ rivals create 'Don't Be Evil' add-on

Engineers from Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have created a browser add-on that they say cancels the effects of Google's bias towards Google+ results.

HTML5 remains on track

The rapidly evolving HTML5 may still be a work in progress, but a recently conducted survey indicates software developers are already committed to the new standard. 

Google search changes 'warp the internet'

Google's introduced one of its biggest-ever changes to search, tapping Google+ results to give more personal results in a move that some observers suggest may contravene US anti-trust legislation.