Hulu Plus hits 2 million subscribers

It isn't quite to the level of Netflix, but Hulu Plus is certainly holding its own.

Gmail outage reported this afternoon

Earlier today, millions of Gmail users were unable to check their e-mail.

Google Drive to give 5 GB to all: report

A few solid details about Google's cloud-based storage service are starting to emerge.

Windows 8 will come in three flavors

We're getting a few more details about Microsoft's next-generation operating system.

Apple wants to democratize iOS development

Typically, if you want to develop an application for the iPhone or iPad (iOS) you need to be a programmer. If you're not a programmer, your only other option is to hire a developer.

Youtube begins live video monetization

Another thing that used to be free can now start charging money.

Chrome OS gets updated with Aura UI

Some techies are adamant about running Windows as their operating system of choice and would probably never even seriously considering loading another one.

Windows XP's days are numbered

It's time to start counting down.

YouTube kicks off huge 3D overhaul

Apparently someone over at the Youtube offices in California thought that it would make a lot of sense if Web browsers needed to put on a pair of 3D glasses before watching the latest viral videos. 

Pinterest overthrows LinkedIn, Google+

In just a few short months, a new name in social media has taken everyone by storm.

Internet Explorer market share rises

Microsoft's Web browser may be experiencing a nice turnaround after years of nearly consistent decline.

Siri might be coming to Mac

Apple's powerful voice recognition platform is spreading its wings.

Google Cloud Drive could offer 5GB of free storage

Cloud-based storage is all the rage today with multiple providers - including Dropbox and Apple - competing in the lucrative space.

Feds eye elimination of dynamic GPS maps

I can certainly understand the call from Washington and state governments to eliminate distracted driving as much as possible.

Windows 8 rumored to launch in October

The Consumer Preview of Windows 8 launched right on time, so now it's time to nail down the final launch date.

Kim Dotcom may get some bling back after paperwork SNAFU

Kim Dotcom was only recently let out of jail on bail, yet reports are now surfacing that there has been a significant procedural error in the case that could see some of his seized property returned.

Anonymous-OS is here, download warnings abound

I'm sure we're all familiar with Anonymous by now. The hacker collective has claimed credit for numerous attacks on corporate, government, and law enforcement websites around the world including the Vatican.

Google confirms Metro version of Chrome

Google is toiling away at a Windows 8 Metro-optimized version of its Web browser.

iTether beats App Store blockade by going HTML 5

A few happy iPhone users were able to get their hands on iTether last year when the app was briefly on Apple's App Store.

Azure Leap Day bug causes chaos

Apparently even in 2012, computer systems can have problems with the idea that February sometimes has 29 days.