Mozilla launches Web app Marketplace

Step aside, App Store and Google Play.

Automotive industry partners with Apple on Siri

A number of automotive manufacturers currently integrate hands-free technology in their automobiles, allowing drivers to focus on driving, rather than manually accessing various devices.

BBC wants to pioneer concept of '3D radio'

Yes, the market for new "3D" products is still alive and well.

Chrome browser will come to Windows 8

Microsoft wants to be willing to support third-party browsers in its new operating system.

New Google TV set-top will have smartphone streaming

A new device powered by Google TV will allow users to stream video content from smartphones to their TV.

Windows 8 will value your privacy (kind of)

If you like the idea of online privacy, Windows 8 might just be for you.

Paypal to greatly increase in-store presence

Paypal's ability to collect payments in retail stores is about to expand.

Office for iPad due this summer

You know how they say if you can't beat 'em, join 'em?

Microsoft sees 350 million Windows 7 devices this year

By the end of 2012, there might be 350 million devices running Windows 7.

Report: Chrome becomes top browser

In just a few short years, Google's Chrome browser has taken the world by storm.

2012 Olympics will be fully streamed online

There will not be one moment of the Olympics that is left untouched.

Groupon Rewards goes national

The leading daily deal site is trying to become more than just a one-trick pony.

Mastercard launches 'Paypass Wallet' platform

Mastercard is hoping to define what it means to be a payment solutions provider in the 21st century.

Windows Media Center in Windows 8 will be paid upgrade

Microsoft is revealing how Media Center will be part of the Windows 8 strategy.

Gmail offers free language translation

Google is trying to eliminate the language barrier when it comes to email.

Skype investigates tool used to reveal IP addresses

When it comes to online privacy, the more savvy users are quite serious about keeping certain information like IP addresses under wraps.

Microsoft HomeOS will be home automation of the future

Microsoft is finally ready to step into the world of home automation.

Dropbox update hits in wake of Google Drive

Now that it has a huge competitor, Dropbox has just been updated to make itself stand out more.

Al Gore accepted into Internet Hall of Fame

Al Gore is being inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame; after all, he invented it, right?

Windows 8 preview to be updated in June

Microsoft will dole out an update to its Windows 8 consumer preview in a couple months.