"Metro" name dropped from Windows 8

A lot of people have expressed distaste for Windows 8's Metro design, so Microsoft has gotten rid of Metro...well, just the name.

Aereo not a concern to CBS

An online platform that lets users stream live TV with no money going to the networks isn't something CBS is concerned about.

Concerns linger over Surface as Windows 8 goes RTM

The final Windows 8 preview build went live in June, signaling the latest iteration of Microsoft's flagship operating system was almost ready for the masses.

Windows 7 poised to finally dethrone XP

For the first time in what seems like the modern PC era, there will be a new operating system king later this month.

Twitter creates "Political Index" scores

Twitter is now ranking the pulse of the country in a numerical Obama-v-Romney scale.

Amazon Instant Video comes to iPad

After proving its tablet viability on the Kindle Fire, Amazon is now ready to target its streaming video service to a very different mobile audience.

Amazon updates streaming Cloud Player

Amazon has released an update to its Web-based music playing software.

Surface will debut day-and-date with Windows 8

Microsoft wants to drive home the point that the future of its software business exists across multiple devices.

Valve's Gabe Newell: Windows 8 is a "catastrophe"

Valve chief Gabe Newell has some tough words for Microsoft's new operating system.

Official Olympics social presence increases

This year, the Olympics will be all about social media.

Washington state allows Facebook voter registration

Social media is a huge part of the political process these days, so this was only a matter of time.

Windows 8 will launch on October 26

Microsoft has announced the official release date of its new Windows operating system.

Facebook launches calendar view for events

Facebook does a lot of things right, but the way it keeps track of upcoming events has always been wrong.

This Linux distro emulates the Commodore 64 OS

One of my all time favorite pieces of geek tech is the Commodore 64.

Google "search by image" gets big overhaul

Google is constantly working to enhance your search experience.

Windows 8 upgrades to be truly affordable

If you want to get the new version of Windows later this year, you'll be able to do so without spending an arm and a leg.

Google sites aim to keep 'endangered languages' alive

Google is launching a new series of websites that will hopefully prevent more than 3,000 languages from dying.

Startup lets you Tweet political donations

Want to let the world know about your political contributions, while making that contribution at the same time?

Mozilla Junior is Firefox for the iPad

If you've been craving a new user-friendly browser for your iPad, Mozilla has the answer.

Time Inc finally offers digital access on iPad

If you want a digital subscription to People, congratulations. Your time has come.